Dean’s Activities (November 2016)
Dec 13, 2016
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November 1 (Tue)
  • Meeting with KU President
  • Meeting with deans of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Briefing on Graduate School 
November 2 (Wed)
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
November 3 (Thu)
  • Briefing on undergraduate programs
  • Luncheon with new Management Team and KUBS staff
  • Briefing on public relations
  • Interview by <Korea Economic Daily>
 November 4 (Fri)
  • Briefing on MBA programs
  • Briefing on Institute for Business Research & Education
  • Briefing on public relations
November 7 (Mon)
  • Briefing on Sudang Digital Library
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Startup Center Committee Meeting 
November 8 (Tue)
  • Meeting with delegation of KU Alumni Association 
November 9 (Wed)
  • Participated in Integrated Graduate School Committee Meeting
  • Meeting with Gyeonggi Province Governor Kyung-pil Nam

November 10 (Thu)
  • Area Chairs’ Meeting 
November 11 (Fri)
  • Briefing on KUBS International Office
  • Luncheon meeting with delegation of KCEO Alumni Association
  • Briefing on BK21
  • Meeting with delegation of AMP Alumni Association
  • Participated in KU Donor Appreciation Night 
November 14 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
November 15 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with MBA academic director
  • Meeting with IMF official

  • Meeting with K-MBA Student President 
November 16 (Wed)
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
  • Meeting on startup 
November 17 (Thu)
  • Briefing of staff human resources
  • Luncheon with MBA academic director
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Participated in Groundbreaking Ceremony 
November 18 (Fri)
  • Briefing on KUBS Startup Institute
  • Interview by KUBS Public Relations <KU Business Journal> 
November 19 (Sat)
  • Encouraged K-MBA Admission Interview Committee 
November 21 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Luncheon with deans of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Visited by delegation of GS Shop
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Congratulated Professor Emeritus Ik-soon Cho for inducting into the Accounting Hall of Fame
November 22 (Tue)
  • Area Chairs’ Meeting
  • Participated in the 4th Alumni Day of Special Graduate Schools Alumni Association
 November 23 (Wed)
  • Briefing on Executive Education
  • KUBS Faculty Gathering
  • Interview by <Hankyung Business>
  • Meeting on staff human resources
  • Participated in Groundbreaking Ceremony of College of Engineering Building
November 24 (Thu)
  • Meeting with KUBS Public Relations
  • Briefing on BK21 
November 25 (Fri)
  • Briefing on Career Hub
  • Luncheon with KUBS international faculty
  • Delivered Donor Appreciation Plaque to Alumnus Joontae Yeom
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
November 26 (Sat)
  • Director of KU Admission Essay Exam  
November 28 (Mon)
  • Meeting on E-learning with Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Dinner with professors emeriti
 November 29 (Tue)
  • Greetings at KUBS Staff Gathering Day
  • Luncheon meeting with Vice President for Academic Affairs 
November 30 (Wed)
  • MBA Academic Director Meeting
  • Meeting with delegation of PwC