Dean's Activities (October 2016)
Oct 26, 2016
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October 1 (Sat)
  •  Meeting regarding information technology
October 2 (Sun) - October 5 (Wed)
  • Business trip to Philippines 
October 6 (Thu)
  • Luncheon invited by Emeritus Professor Ik-soon Cho
  • Participation at meeting regarding awardee selection for Alumni's Night
  • Participation at Committee for Academic Affairs (Sejong Campus) 
October 7 (Fri)
  • Meeting regarding information technology 
October 10 (Mon)
  • Meeting regarding Encouragement Luncheon for Successful and Prospective CPA Candidates
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Meeting with staff from Office of Future Strategy
  • Meeting with staff from Office of Audit/Interview with lecturer
  • Interview with Korea Economic Daily 
October 11 (Tue)
  • AMP Breakfast Seminar - Special Lecture
  • Meeting with donors
  • Participation at Opening Ceremony of Inchon Memorial Exhibition Hall
  • Participation at Inchon Award Ceremony 
October 12 (Wed)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Construction Committee Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Donor Appreciation Dinner
  • Discussion with Management Team 
October 18 (Tue)
  • Lunch with student mentees
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Meeting with SK Group officials
  • KUBS staff interview 
October 19 (Wed)
  • Faculty-Student Mentoring Day
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
  • Dinner invited by former and current KU presidents 
October 20 (Thu)
  • Construction Meeting
  • Meeting with deans of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Encouragement Luncheon for Successful and Prospective CPA Candidates
  • Scholarship Award Ceremony
  • Funeral for the father of Professor Emeritus Sang-goo Nam
October 21 (Fri)
  • Interview with Korean Economic Daily
  • Dinner with KUBS staff 
October 22 (Sat)
  • Participation at Executive MBA Homecoming Day and Care Program
October 24 (Mon)
  • KUBS Dean's Cup Golf Tournament 
October 25 (Tue)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Area Chairs' Meeting
  • Faculty Performance Evaluation Meeting 
October 26 (Wed)
  • Participation at KCEO  KUBS Academy
  • Consultation with students
  • Reception for Associate Dean from Zhejiang University, China
  • Luncheon with staff
  • Reception for AACSB officials
  • Reception for KEDGE faculty 
October 27 (Thu)
  • Discussion with Management Meeting
  • Encouragement dinner with construction officials of KUBS Main Building 
October 28 (Fri)
  • Participation at KUBS Alumni Association Executive Director Council 
October 29 (Sat)
  • Congratulations dinner celebrating Executive MBA for ranking 24th in FT Ranking