• Beginning-of-Semester Party for International Students & Faculty
    Beginning-of-Semseter Party
    영대 국제실과 KUBS Global 함께 "Beginning-of-Semester Party for International Students & Faculty" 개최합니다
    경영대 재학중인 외국인 학부, 석사, 박사, MBA 교환 학생을 모두 초대합니다!

    일시: 2017 3 16 () 18:00 ~ 
    장소: LG-POSCO 경영관 6 안영일홀 

    KUBS International Office and KUBS Global is holding "Beginning-of-Semester Party for International Students & Faculty".
    We invite all international students from undergraduate, graduate, MBA and exchange program to come!

    1. Date & Time: March 16, 2017 (Thu) ; 18:00 ~
    2. Venue: LG-POSCO Building 6th floor Ahn Young-Il Hall

  • BECOMING GLOBAL With Korea's Best
    BECOMING GLOBAL With Korea's Best
    International Program

    The mission of KUBS is to educate students and practitioners so that they become creative global business leaders. As the best in Korea, KUBS strives to become an ever more attractive place for academics and students from around the world.

ATTN [Undergraduate] Revision of Internship Practice Maximum Credit Hours for Undergraduate Business Students without an Intensive Major [Applicable from Fall 2018]
[Undergraduate] Revision of Internship Practice Maximum Credit Hours for Undergraduate Business Students without an Intensive Major [Applicable from Fall 2018]   The Business School would like to inform you that the maximum credit hours approved for domestic/international internship practice will be revised from 1st of September, 2018. Note that candidates are not allowed to register for more than 50% of their Business Administration major elective courses.   [Revision of Internship Practice Maximum Credit Hours]   - Up to 12 credit hours may be approved for internship practice courses within Korea University during the period of a candidate’s enrollment (inclusive of major elective courses and general electives). - If the graduation requirement is 27 credit hours of Business Administration major elective courses, a maximum of 12 credit hours may be taken from internship practice courses (applicable to students with business intensive major or dual degree in business). - If the graduation requirement is 15 credit hours of Business Administration major elective courses, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be taken from internship practice courses (applicable to students with business first major (not an intensive major), business double major, or students from School of Interdisciplinary Studies with business major). - Transferred students with business intensive first major may refer to the below table for credit approval.   Completed Credits from Previous Institution Maximum Credit Hours for Internship Practice Below 3 credit hours 12 credit hours Below 6 credit hours 9 credit hours Below 9 credit hours 6 credit hours Below 12 credit hours 3 credit hours Above 12 credit hours N/A   [ Inquiries ] - Domestic Internship Practice: KUBS Career Hub Hyelim Jung (02-3290-2700, nooooow@korea.ac.kr) - International Internship Practice: KUBS International Office Yoon Young Kim (02-3290-5363, yykim@korea.ac.kr)   
Sep 01, 2018
Global Internship
# 4183
NEW [Undergraduate] 2018 Winter Global Internship Application (~10/31)
[Undergraduate] 2018 Winter Global Internship Application (~10/31)     • Application for the 2018 Winter Global Internship is open from October 17 to October 31 by 4:00 PM. • The applicants MUST join the KUPID Portal Community “2018 경영대 국제인턴십” in order to check any updates. • If you wish to participate in the global internship program individually, please refer to the relevant notice for the accreditation of 3-6 credit hours of “International Internship Practice (BUSS470, 471, and 472)”. • A consultation with a staff is available via open chat on KakaoTalk ‘고려대학교 경영대학 국제인턴십 (KUBS Global Internship) (code: 5363)’. More notice will also be uploaded. • For further information about the program, please visit the official KUBS website: Program → International Programs → Global Internship: http://biz.korea.ac.kr/ko/international/global-internship     1. Application Overview (the schedule is subject to change)   Date Details October 10 (Wed) Information Session October 15 (Mon) Release of Company List (First Round): uploaded on KUPID Community, and the list will be updated October 17 (Wed)- October 31 (Wed) Submission of application form and required documents (apply online) November 6 (Tue) Interview (Korean, English) November 7 (Wed) Interview (Chinese) November 15 (Wed) Apply at preferred companies November 16 (Fri) Release of first round Result November 30 (Fri) Release of final result     2. Eligibility • 3rd year or higher students at KUBS • Students who are enrolled in the final semester of the degree (i.e., if Fall 2018 is their last semester), they are not allowed to apply for a global internship.   America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Hong Kong region China (Mainland) Eligibility • Any KUBS students - Except: students who are enrolled in the final semester of the  degree (i.e., if Fall 2018 is their last semester) or students from other departments - Business 1st major students will be prioritized upon selection Selection Criteria •​ overall GPA of two recent semesters •​ English Proficiency Test Score •​ English Interview •​ Korean Interview •​ Extra points for activities and previous work experience •​ overall GPA of two recent semesters •​ Chinese Interview •​ Korean Interview •​ Extra points for those who completed “Regional Studies 1”, “Regional Studies 2” or “China Business and Management in the Global Context” •​ Extra points for activities and previous work experience   3. Overall Procedure: Overall score of document screening and interview 1) Application submission 2) Korean, English, and Chinese interviews 3) Apply at preferred companies (the list of companies will be updated on KUPID Community) 4) The applicants will be shortlisted based on the overall score and other qualifications asked by companies 5) Internship Period: December 22, 2018 - February 28, 2019; 4 to 9 weeks *The duration may vary depending on each company 4. How to Apply - Application Period: October 17 (Wed) - October 31 (Wed) (1) Application Submission (submit hard copies to KUBS International Office after completing online application) * Online Application: Click ‘Global Internship Application’ on the left side of this webpage.   Online Application Hard copy submission Fill out an application form with the attachment of a 3*4 sized photo Submit 2 hard copies Resumes in Korean and English (attach) • Write down your overall GPA and English Proficiency Test Score • Sample resume format can be downloaded from KUPID Community Submit 2 hard copies Cover letter (personal statement) in Korean • Your personal statement should include a brief description of yourself, why you are applying for the internship program in the chosen country, your plans and intention of internship, etc. You should not put your personal information, such as family and school. Clarify the reasons why you are interested in the company as well as what you want to achieve. Elaborate everything with your future plan/goals (word limit: one page) Submit 2 hard copies Academic transcript in Korean 1 original hard copy Official English proficiency test score • TOEFL, TOEIC or TEPS only • The expiry date of your result must be later than the application deadline. The exam result will not be accepted otherwise. • The submission of the official language test score is not compulsory. However, there may be a disadvantage if not provided. • Results of other English test scores may be taken into account as extra points. Please present the original copy to the office. Present the original copy to the office upon submission; the staff will make a copy of it and return the original copy. Copy of passport • At least six months remaining validity • Upload a scanned copy upon online application Hard copy submission not required A proof of work experience/extracurricular activities • If you would like to submit more than one, merge them into one PDF file. 1 hard copy for each document   (2) Titles of your attachments must be “Name_Student Number_Document Title (Example: John Smith_2013120326_영문이력서) (3) Application deadline for online application and hardcopy submission: Oct 31 (Wed) strictly by 4 PM. (4) If you apply for an internship at a foreign company, you may be requested to submit additional documents. (5) You may be asked to submit additional documents after you apply to companies or after you are assigned.     5. How the applicants are assigned to companies (Rules) 1) Applicants who meet the qualification criteria asked by the company 2) The assignment to the preferred companies will be done in the order of applicants’ overall score 3) If applicants have an identical overall score, a weighted value will be applied to the following criteria. ①Fourth year student / ②GPA / ③Official language test score 6. Remarks • If you are applying for a company in China, English Proficiency Test Score is not required (However, if you are applying for companies in more than two countries including China, you must submit the English Proficiency Test Score and attend an English interview). • Students who are enrolled in the final semester of the degree (i.e., if Fall 2018 is their last semester), they are not allowed to apply for a global internship. • Students can re-apply for the internship if they withdraw after the assignment of participating company has finalized. However, penalties may apply - they may be placed in the next preferred list for an internship or no placement at all. • Students who fail to submit their assignments after completing internship will receive an F grade in “International Internship Practice”. • In case of misconduct, the participant will receive an F grade as a result of jeopardizing the reputation of the company, the University or Alumni Association. • Applying for 3 or 6 credits of “International Internship Practice” - Your credits will be determined based on your internship period (NOT amendable once your internship has been confirmed) • After the selection process, successful applicants must attend an orientation (Dec 6), KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette, and a pre-departure ceremony (Dec 21), before they leave for an internship.      7. Submission of Report and Credit Approval 1) Winter session “International Internship Practice (B1) USS470, 471, 472” 2) The grade will be determined by assessment submission, evaluation report by company etc. The grade will either be Pass or Fail. 3) The grades will be updated in Spring 2019.     8. Scholarship • Airfare fully provided (for Business Administration first major students only) • Details of scholarship application will be informed soon. • If you seek further financial support, please refer to living expenses scholarship application (in December).     9. KUPID Community Sign-Up (Important!) • The applicants MUST join the KUPID Portal Community “2018 경영대 국제인턴십” in order to check any updates.   10. Contact Ms. Yoon Young Kim KUBS International Office, Room 304, KUBS Main Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul Korea, 02841 Phone: 02) 3290-5363 Fax: 02)3290-5368 Email: kubs_intern@hotmail.com    
Oct 17, 2018
Global Internship
# 4591
[Exchange Program] Interview Schedule for Spring 2019 Outbound Student Exchange Program
Interview for Outbound Student Exchange Program will be conducted from August 2 (Thu) to August 3 (Fri) for two days.   1. Korean Interview Schedule August 2 (Thu) – August 3 (Fri); 13:00 – 16:30 (tentative) #430 in LG-POSCO Building   2. English Interview Schedule August 2 (Thu) – August (Fri); 13:00 – 16:30 (tentative) #431 in LG-POSCO Building   3. Waiting Room: #428 in LG-POSCO Building  (Please arrive at least 15 minutes early and be seated in the waiting room. Also, check your attendance with the TA.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Important Notes] 1. Interview will be conducted for about 15 minutes in a group of 2 to 3 people. 2. Please wear appropriate attire (a suit is not necessary, but we recommend you avoid wearing jeans, short skirts, and casual clothes.) 3. As mentioned above, please arrive at least 15 minutes early and be seated in the waiting room (#428 in LG-POSCO Building). Also check your attendance with the TA. - Submit a copy of your passport (with your signature), official TOEFL test score report, and other relevant documents if you have not turned them in. - If you do not submit the following documents, you may be penalized. - There will be two different interviews (Korean and English); therefore, make sure you check both schedules to avoid penalties. 4. Students missing interviews due to tardiness will receive a zero.   5. The request for changing the interview schedule at specific time has been reflected. Interview time can no longer be changed unless there is an unavoidable circumstance.   6. Interviews have not been arranged for those who have already done the Outbound Student Exchange Program. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For further inquiries, contact the KUBS International Office at 02-3290-1389. Thank you.  
Jul 24, 2018
Student Exchange
# 4451
[Exchange Program] Spring 2019 Student Exchange Program Online Application: 7/11 (Wed); 10:00 - 7/17(Tue) 11:50, Document Submission: 7/11(Wed) - 7/17(Tue); 16:00
Online Application Schedule: Undergraduate/MS/MBA: July 11 (Wed) 10:00am - July 17 (Tue) 11:50am ***After the deadline (starting from 11:51 am), online application will be closed automatically.   Online Application Menu: (Undergraduate, MS, E/K/FMBA) biz.korea.ac.kr > 프로그램 > 국제프로그램 > 교환학생 > Outbound(from KUBS) > 교환학생 지원하기 Documents Submission: turn them in to International Office (Business Main Building 304) Turn them in by July 17 (Tue) 16:00 (4pm) *** Please read list of documents and related notice before you submit them. List of Exchange Universities: The list will be finalized on July 11 (Wed) 10:00 am. Please double check them.   <Attention (Must-read!!!)> Online Application and Document Submission: 1. Online application and consent form cannot be edited after submission, so please use “save” function → Double check inserted content and uploaded file  → Click “제출하기” → Sign written pledge (second page of application): can be printed after submission → Sublimit printed online application, written pledge and other documents to International Office  2.  All the uploaded and submitted documents should be in doc. or pdf. file (If there are several other documents, please gather and upload them in one file) → English transcript and proof of enrollment should be issued from One-stop center and scanned to upload. → Upload passport page of photo and personal information (please sign the signature page)  *** Do not upload written pledge (second page of online application) 3. If you need an original copy of proof of activities, bring 1 set of copy when you turn the documents in. → Check with an original copy at International Office.  → Turn in copied documents. 4. If you don’t have original TOEFL score report: → (Schools you apply to does not require TOEFL score but if you t want to use the score for internal selection) You only need to turn in copy of score report (Capture of online score page) → If the school that you apply for require TOEFL score, you must turn in original score report by the interview date. 5. If your name on TOEFL score report and passport are different: → Attach post-it note on TOEFL score report stating “ex: “On your passport: HONG GIL DONG, TOEFL score report: Gil-dong Hong”. → (Name on the TOEFL score report cannot be edited. So you must notify us if the spelling of your name does not match between your passport and TOEFL score report. 6. English name on all other English documents and passport must match. → If you need to change your English name on portal, contact KUBS Outbound Program Manager (Call 02-3290-1389 or visit International Office) and change your name. 7. If you find out you made a mistake on your English name after submitting online application, change English name on your account first and print out new documents to resubmit them on your interview date. 8. TOEFL score report must be valid until the starting date of your exchange program. → Must check the validation date of TOEFL score report on each school’s website. 10. When deadline approaches, online system can be slowed down due to heavy flow of applicants. Please submit it in advance.   Completing Online application: 1. Average of the grades of the two most recent semesters: automatic calculation system → The student’s average grade will be measured as such: {(GPA in their second to last semester x number of credits) + (GPA in their last semester x number of credits)}/ total number of credits taken ex) If the student has taken 16 credits with a GPA of 3.5 in 2015-1 and 18 credits with a GPA of 3.8 in 2015-2 Weighted average: {(3.5 x 16 credits) + (3.8 x 18 credits)} / (16+18)credits = 3.66 -> The weighted average will be rounded to 2 decimal places. 2. Students who are looking to apply to schools that only accept 3rd and 4th year students should be in their second semester of their 2nd year or in the second semester of their 3rd year before going on the exchange program. →  Schools that only accept 4th year students will only take applications from students who are in the first semester of their fourth year when applying. 3. Students are not required to fill in all five slots of preferred schools; students are advised to apply to schools that they wish to visit. 4. Email: Students are recommended to use gmail domain. → Applications under the domain, ‘hanmail.net’ have often been spammed. → Students who use ‘naver.com’ will not be able to receive messages that are sent out to more than 25 recipients and hence, there is a chance student will not be able to receive notifications from their exchange schools. → Applications under the domain ‘korea.ac.kr’ is susceptible to errors or can be spammed. → Applications under the domain ‘korea.ac.kr’ is susceptible to errors or can be spammed. 5. It is crucial that students record their phone numbers correctly → If the student changes his/her mobile number during the semester, she/he must notify the International Office immediately. Dispatched exchange students: 1. Students who are already on their exchange program, must submit their application forms online and submit required documents. → Students will be graded on their submitted documents and their previous interview scores. → Students must submit the original copies of their report card, certification of enrollment, and TOEFL grade reports. → We will contact the students individually when assigning schools during the 3rd application phase. .   Confirmation of application: 1. Students can check whether their applications have been confirmed on the application website. → Therefore, please avoid calling the office to confirm application. Notice on Interview Date Placement: KUBS Homepage→ International Program → Outbound (from KUBS) → Notice 1.  July 24 (Tue) 16:00       → Korean and English Interview: August 2 & August 3 13:00~16:30   2. Phone interview request (Only available for students who are participating in overseas internship, volunteer work or official school event) → Before submitted online application, you must check the possibility of phone interview by sending email to choi3225@korea.ac.kr    3. Phone interview placement notice: → July 31 (Tue), Students will be notified through email. ***If students do not participate in interview, they will be excluded from the selection.  
Jul 04, 2018
Student Exchange
# 4438
[Exchange Program] Fall 2018 Pre-departure Ceremony for KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program (Mandatory; Thursday, June 8th at 3:30 PM)
Korea University Business School will hold a pre-departure ceremony for exchange students set to go abroad for Fall 2018. At the ceremony, students will have to fill out documents needed prior to departure. As we have previously announced at the orientation, all participating students for the Fall 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program MUST attend. Students who do not attend will not be able to go abroad. If there is a reasonable excuse for not being able to attend the ceremony, students are advised to send an email to choi3225@korea.ac.kr stating why they cannot attend and the dates and times they are available for coming into the international office to get information they missed out on. It is not mandatory for students who have taken part in the exchange program before to attend this ceremony, but they are strongly advised to attend as they still have to submit the following required documents: ① A copy of an international student insurance card, ② A parent/guardian’s consent form, ③ A pledge form signed by the exchange student, ④ A departure form filled in by the student, ⑤ KUBS Notice of Arrival Spring 2018, and ⑥ Partner university transfer credit approval form (strongly advised to get prior credit approval via email).   ◆ Date and Venue of Ceremony    - June 8th, 2018 (Thurs); 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.   [Hyundai Motor Hall B307] ◆ Documents Needed for Submission (1) A copy of an international student insurance card - If you have signed up for insurance at the partner university, you do not need to apply for additional insurance coverage plans. (If you are unsure, make inquiries on your insurance to the manager at your exchange university.) If you do not have a university insurance, you have to sign up for an international student insurance (different from a traveler’s insurance) and must submit a copy of it to KUBS International Office (If you can’t submit it on the day of the ceremony, please submit it by July 30th. In case of having to apply for insurance upon arrival at your exchange university, scan a copy of that insurance coverage once you do get one and email it to the exchange program manager at KUBS as soon as possible (even if it is after July 30th, send it in ASAP). (2) Parent/Guardian Consent Form  - A consent form has been uploaded onto this announcement – download it and after having it signed by your parent/guardian, bring the form to the pre-departure ceremony. (3) Pledge Document signed by the exchange student  - The participating student must download the pledge form uploaded onto this announcement and hand sign it before submitting it at the ceremony (this will be used for attendance checking purposes, so make sure it is handed in). (4) Exchange University Departure Form  - In case the student is not able to attend the pre-departure ceremony, he or she must fill it out, scan it, and send it via email prior to departure.   (5) (Mandatory) KUBS Notice of Arrival Spring 2018 - You must scan and email the form signed by manager at your exchange university within 14 days from your arrival (email it to choi3225@korea.ac.kr). (6) (Optional) Partner University Transfer Credit Approval Form (refer to uploaded file, fill in the required information, and submit via email)  - Have your courses/ transferrable credits reviewed via email (refer to notices on the community board for directions or visit the international office for further questions). - The form is uploaded on the community board. - This process must be completed before making the final confirmation on the courses you plan to take at the exchange university.               *** If needed, a pledge form signed by the exchange student, a departure form filled in by the student can be provided at the pre-departure Ceremony.
Jun 08, 2018
Student Exchange
# 4406
[Exchange Program] Guidelines and Selection Schedule for Spring 2019 Outbound Student Exchange Program
Guidelines and Selection Schedule for Fall 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program   Schedule Details Information Session Date: June 8 (Fri); 15:30 – 16:30 Venue: Hyundai Motor Hall Room # B 308 Details: * General information on KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program * Introduction to new exchange partner schools * Information on the number of exchange spaces available for each school * Schedule and qualifications * Information on Statement of Purpose, Resume (English), and other supporting documents   ※ Students are encouraged to visit each school's website that they are interested to obtain information. ※ biz.korea.ac.kr > Program > International Programs > Student Exchange > Outbound (from KUBS) > Experience Report  Online Application Date: July 11 (Wed); 10:00 AM – July 17 (Tue); 11:50 AM * Apply online by clicking the “교환학생 지원하기” on the KUBS website (only available on the Korean website)"  Document Submission  Date: July 11 (Wed); 10:00 AM - July 17 (Tue); 16:00 PM Interview  Date: August 2 (Thurs) - August 3 (Fri) Orientation Session for Preliminary Successful Applicants  (Mandatory) Date: August 30 (Thurs); afternoon (TBD) [Notes]  1. Eligibility: KUBS students (dual degree and undeclared majors included; double major/minor are NOT eligible to apply)     * KUBS students who are interested in KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program     ** Students who wish to study abroad in Spring 2019 2. Qualifications A. Student whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above for the two recent semesters (summer/winter semester, leave of absence excluded) (However, student in the dual degree program must complete 12 credit hours of Business Administration courses, and a cumulative GPA in those courses must be 3.0 or above -- eligible to apply with one semester) B. Graduate student (MBA students included) whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above. (S)he cannot study abroad in their last semester C. KUBS transfer student who has completed two or more semesters at KU. (Students from different campus must complete two semesters at KU Anam Campus) D. Student who meet the qualifications above are eligible to apply (student on leave of absence or in dual degree program included); double majors and minors are NOT eligible to apply (Except for dual degrees and undeclared majors, students whose student number is 20XX120XXX can apply)   ※ TOFEL score is required only if a host university requests for it (host universities that request a TOFEL score will be indicated on the List of Host Universities, which will be uploaded later). Basic points will be given to applicants who do not need to submit a TOFEL score.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Documents to Submit] 1. "교환학생 온라인 지원서" (print your completed online application) – online application is only available on the Korean website (2 copies) 2. Copy of your passport (Your English name on passport, certificate of enrollment, and transcript must be the same) (1 copy) ** Expiration date of your passport must be after December 2019! (Must valid for at least 6 months after your exchange program ends) (Please extend or renew your passport if the expiration date of your passport does not satisfy the period above. You may submit the receipt for your passport renewal. However, the final copy of your passport must be submitted by the day of the interview) 3. Certificate of Enrollment in English (onlyofficial certificate issued by One-stop Service Center can be accepted) (1 copy) 4. Transcript in English (only official transcript issued by One-stop Service Center can be accepted) (2 copies) 5. Official score report for TOFEL iBT/IELFTS (corresponding students only) (1 copy) (If an official score report is unavailable, screenshot your score on the website and submit it; however, you must submit your official score report by the day of the interview. The score should valid for at least April 2019. Please note that some universities request your score to be valid until the first day of the exchange program (e.g. U.S.A.) 6. Statement of Purpose in English (two pages max on an A4 sheet; form will be provided later) (4 copies)     A. Statement of Purpose     B. Study Plan & Future Plans     C. Leadership & Social Skills 7. English Resume (one page max on an A4 sheet; form will be provided later) (4 copies) 8. Certificate for each on/off campus activity (You may submit official copy or bring it to the office for approval) (1 copy each) 8. Personal Information Consent Form (1 copy) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Selection Criteria] 1. Application (40%)     1) Cumulative GPA of two most recent semesters (summer/winter semester excluded) (25%)     2) English Proficiency Test Score (TOEFL/IELTS) (15%) 2. Interview (60%): Statement of Purpose and Resume will be reflected during the interview     1) Interview in Korean (30%)     2) Interview in English (30%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Maximum Number of Host Universities Available for Application] 1. Students may apply for a maximum of 5 host universities 2. Students may apply for a maximum of 3 English-speaking host universities 3. Students who have previously studied abroad in an English-speaking country as an exchange student CANNOT apply for the other English-speaking countries     (English-speaking countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom) 4. Students who have previously studied abroad in a non-English-speaking country as an exchange student CANNOT apply for the same country. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  [Exchange Period]  1. One semester 2. Students studying abroad in a non-English-speaking country CAN extend their exchange program     (Students must submit a letter of recommendation or approval from the host university; may extend their stay up to one year) 3. Students in an English-speaking country, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England, can study abroad for one semester -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Selection Criteria for Former Exchange Student] 1. Students who have previously studies abroad will be nominated after 1st and 2nd rounds 2. Students who have cancelled their exchange program after the nomination confirmation will not be selected     ※ If one has a reasonable excuse, (s)he will be placed as a last candidate of the exchange program ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  [Additional Notes]  1. Student who have been suspended, reprimanded, or on academic probation last semester will be penalized 2. An automatic drop-out will occur if students provide wrong information, counterfeit certificates, or reject to submit documents 3. Students cannot apply for the exchange program at Korea University’s Office of International Affairs and KUBS at the same time     (You must withdraw the KU exchange program in order to apply for the KUBS exchange program) 4. For the recipients of KUBS Freshmen Special Scholarship, scholarship will be granted based on their GPA for the recent semester  ex) first semester at KU, second semester at host university; scholarship for the third semester will be given based on one’s first semester at KU --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Announcement of Successful Applicants]  • August 7 (Tue); 11:00 AM: Announcement of Successful Applicants (expected; date and time may change) • August 7 (Tue); 11:00 AM – August 8 (Wed); 11:00 AM: Online nomination confirmation (an automatic drop-out will occur if students do not confirm) • August 8 (Wed); 3:30 PM: Notice of 2nd Round • August 8 (Wed): 3:30 PM – August 9 (Thurs): ; 2:00 PM: Application for 2nd Round (please note that you cannot cancel your exchange program if you are applying for the 2nd Round. Thus, if there is no host university you wish to study, please do not apply) • August 9 (Thurs): 4:00 PM: Announcement of Successful Applicants for 2nd Round  **** Information regarding the 3rd Round will be announced individually. • August 30 (Thurs): Orientation for Preliminary Successful Applicants (further details will be uploaded later)      * An automatic drop-out will occur if students do not attend the orientation
Jun 05, 2018
Student Exchange
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NEW [Undergraduate] Summer 2018 International Internship Additional Positions Open (at PT. Pratama Abadi, Pulmuone China)
[Undergraduate] Summer 2018 International Internship Additional Positions Open  at PT. Pratama Abadi, Pulmuone China “BUSS462 International Internship Practice”- 3 credit hours, eligible for flight fare supports by scholarship An additional application is open for an international internship at PT. Pratama Abadi and Pulmuone China. Application closes: May 29 (Tue) 22:00   Additional Position (1) at PT. Pratama Abadi (Indonesia) - Duration of Internship: 4 weeks from July to August - Maximum Participants: 5 students - Location: Jakarta, Indonesia - Language Proficiency: fluent English, Indonesian preferred - Job Description: Participants’ preference will be considered – after orientation session, training session will be held - Accommodation: housing provided by the company (one bedroom for 4 people) - Description of Company: Owned by KUBS alumnus Yeong Yul Seo (Business ’69), it is a Nike OEM manufacturing business with over 10,000 employees / a big corporation with a range of affiliates and R&D offices. (see Article: Global CEO Lecture by Yeong Yul Seo)   Additional Position (2) at Pulmuone China - Duration of Internship: 4-6 weeks from July to August - Maximum Participants: 1 student - Location: Beijing, China - Preferred Skills: fluent Chinese, proficient computer skills, market research skills - Job Description: Collect and analyze data on market in China and make recommendations based on their findings - Accommodation: housing provided by the company (short-term guest house, one bedroom for 2 people)   How to Apply: apply via email to kubs_intern@hotmail.com / Closes on May 29 (Tue) 22:00 - Title of your email must be “[Company Name] Student No. _ Name _ International Internship” - Required documents: * Resume in Korean (format can be downloaded but not restricted to: available on KU Portal 2018 KUBS International Internship Community) * Resume in English (format can be downloaded but not restricted to: available on KU Portal 2018 KUBS International Internship Community) * Personal Statement in Korean (i.e. self-introduction and the reason you would like to participate in the internship program) * Copy of your academic transcript * Official language proficiency test score (result within 2 years)    Selection Process - Document screening and Interview (Korean, English, and Chinese) will be held if considered necessary - Application Deadline: May 29 (Tue) 22:00 / submit via email - Selection process and its final outcome will be released no later than May   Notes - Please refer to the previous KUBS International Internship notice for eligibility - It is compulsory for shortlisted applicants to complete KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette session (June 1st) prior to the internship practice - Students whose last semester is Summer session 2018 are NOT eligible for the internship practice - Applicants are eligible for flight fare supports by scholarship   Inquiries: KUBS International Office, Yoon Young Kim / 02-3290-5363 / kubs_intern@hotmail.com Kakao Talk Open Chat: 2018 고려대학교 경영대학 국제인턴십' (code:5363)  
May 23, 2018
Global Internship
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