[한국어센터] Notice of Korean Language for Graduate Students, Summer semester 2019
May 28, 2019
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Korean Language Center, IFLS has an announcement of Korean Language Course for Graduate School Students in Summer, 2019. Foreign master's and doctoral degree students of graduate school, please refer to the course information below.
Course Title: Korean Language course for Graduate Students
This course is open to foreign master's and doctoral degree students of graduate school
Subject: Korean Language (This course will be canceled if there are less than 9 students who are applying for the course.) (*We will contact each student if the course is canceled.)
Application Period 2019/5/21~6/5 by 3PM Send an application at
Placement Test 2019/6/11 at 6:20PM~
*Absent during the test, you will not be able to take this course.
Writing test+Interview
Test results announcement It will be announced on 6/12 by each student’s e-mail.
*Students will be assigned to Beginner (1) or (2) according to the result.
Tuition and payment Tuition Beginner (1): 470,000 won / Beginner (2): 280,000 won
Payment Period 2019/6/12~6/17
Bank Account KEB HANABANK, KODAE BRANCH, 391-810002-65004
/ IFLS, KOREA UNIVERSITY *When transferring tuition, please leave an applicant’s name in English.
Beginner (1): 2019/6/25~8/12 From Monday to Thursday,
18:20~21:00 / 8 weeks,
Period 1 : 18:20~19:35 (75min)
Period 2 : 19:45~21:00 (75min)
Beginner (2): 2019/6/25~8/20 Tuesdays and Thursdays,
18:20~21:00 / 8 weeks,
Period 1 : 18:20~19:35 (75min)
Period 2 : 19:45~21:00 (75min)
Refund Policy Tuition is refundable only before the first day of class and it is required to complete the refund request form.
Tuition will be transferred to student's bank account written in the form, around 10 days after submitting the refund request form.
Grade Results Each college department office will announce your grade on the grade results following their procedures.
After completing the course, students will pass it only if they get above B.
IFLS, Korean Language Center does not announce grades.
It may vary with each college department office to announce grade, so please contact college department office about it.


5. Contact: IFLS, Korean Language Center (e-mail / Lee Yoojin : )