[MS/PhD] Completed Research Student Registration
Apr 30, 2019
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Completed Research Student Registration


1. Completed Research Student

A. As of Spring 2015 Semester, following the policy of Completed Research Students (effective as of 2014), 
all completed graduate students can maintain the status of being “Completed Research Student” only if they make tuition payments.

B. Completed research students are given rights to use research facilities (including libraries) and participate in research activities,
and when the registration period ends the registration status of the students will be changed to “Completed Research.”

2. Tuition for Thesis/Dissertation Examination (7% of Tuition Based on Majors)
A. The Completed Graduate Students are required to register by paying tuition during their thesis/dissertation examination semesters. 
A 7% of the tuition will be printed on the bill only if they apply for the online examination of thesis/dissertation through Portal System.

For the case of students who paid a 2% of the tuition in advance, they need to check that the rest,
 5% of the tuition, is printed on the bill and pay the rest during the period for examination tutition payment (May 1 ~ May 2).

- Application Period : April 15, 2019 (Mon) ~ April 18, 2019 (Thu) 16:00

- How to Apply the Online Examination: Portal System → Registration/Graduation → Evaluation of Thesis (Master & Doctor)
- Bill printing period: April 30 (Tue) ~

B. Registration Period: May 1, 2019 (Wed) - May 2, 2019 (Thu) 16:00

3. Prepaid Coursework completed Graduate Students (Before 2014)
A. Semester for Thesis/Dissertation Examination
- Register for Thesis/Dissertation Online Examination → Tuition: KRW Zero (0) → Visit Hana Bank and register “KRW Zero (0)”
B. Regular Semester
- 2% of tuition based on majors

※ However, those who did not pass the thess/dissertation examination previously and then went through re-evaluation must pay for their tuition for thesis/disseration again. 

※ The paid tuition is used as a valuable resource for the research support project for the completed research students
 (supporting the best paper, supporting the presentation of academic conferences, supporting proofreading for the articles in English, and supporting the publication of the best thesis).