International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover"
International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover" KUBS (Dean = Jae Wook Kim) 2018 Winter International Internship Ceremony was held on December 21 (Fri) in HM B306. In this winter vacation, total 10 students are flying out to enjoy valuable opportunity to work abroad in △PT KBC International △Phoenix Business Computing △Sally H. Kim& Associates △New Millennium Bank △Shanghai YIQU △Dae-Sang Food Co., Ltd etc). In today's meeting, students were educated about work place etiquette, appropriate attitude to make sure our students to perfectly blend in and create synergy in each company which they are going to work.   In the ceremony, Changhwa Chung Vice President of KUBS said, that he wishes students to enjoy the experience of leaving the harbor that they are accustomed to, and enjoy dreaming and discovering the new world. Further he continued that students should have the sense of duty because they are being sent as a representative of KUBS, thus try their best to work hard and play hard as well.   Gender equality education was also held in this ceremony under the topic of 'Sexual Harrassment during the internship'. Jung min Noh, chief of Korea University Gender Equality Center, said that there are many cases when students being harmed sexually in the region but can't reach out for help due to the embarrassment of how others will think about. Thus, the thing important is the role of people around, they should help and give out a hand for the victims. There exists an prejudice that victim is the one who provided the reason for the crime and thus they cannot announce unfair events happened to them. Therefore, if students notice school when unfair events happen, school will do its best to help them. KUBS is providing International Internship Program since year 1994, which was first in Korea. KUBS students work in various companies all over the world and can gain wider sight and knowledge for the global stage. KUBS International Internship program is a specialized Industry-University collaboration program, in which selected students can experience global business in the real working field. Since the commencement, total 1950 students participated in this program.
Dec 28, 2019
2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open
2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open        Korea University Business School (Dean=Professor Soo Young Kwon) is now accepting applications for 2019 MBA admissions. Admissions are open for 3 MBA programs: △Global MBA/Global MIM △S³ Asia MBA.   Global MBA has three application rounds, and Global MIM has two application rounds. Global MBA and Global MIM are programs which equip students to academic and professional skills through a variety of global experiences. If candidates participate in programs at partner schools across the world, they are eligible for the award of degrees from both institutions.    S3 Asia MBA is an Asia-specialized MBA program and has only one application round. Candidates can study at 3 universities in 3 different countries in Asia — Korea University, Fudan University, and National University of Singapore (NUS). Candidates are eligible to graduate with 2 degrees, one from KUBS and the other from either Fudan University or NUS.   Both Global MBA and Global MIM will begin the application of the 1st round starting from the entrance information session which is  held on January 3 (Thu) 2019. The deadline for online application of the 1st round is  January 13 (Sun) 2019 17:00 and submission documents should be accepted the day after (January 14 (Mon) 17:00). The result will be notified on January 18 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on January 26 (Sat), then the final outcome will be released on February 1 (Fri) 15:00. The 2nd round of Global MBA and Global MIM's entrance information session is held on February 20 (Wed) 2019 19:00. Online application will be available until March 29 (Fri) 17:00 and documents can be submitted until April 2 (Tue) 17:00. Results of the 2nd round will be released on April 5 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on April 13(Sat), then the final outcome will be released on April 23 (Tue) 15:00. The 3rd round is conducted in Global MBA and S³ Asia MBA programs. The entrance information session will be held twice: March 9 (Sat) 2019 14:00(1st) & April 3(Wed) 2019 19:30(2nd) and will convey detailed information about  Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA program. Online applications of the 3rd round are due until April 26 (Fri) 17:00, submission documents are accepted until April 30 (Tue) 17:00. The result will be announced on May 10 (Fri) 15:00 and interviews for shortlisted applicants will be conducted on May 18 (Sat). The final outcome of Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA 3rd round will be released on May 29 (Wed) 15:00. Applications for the 2019 MBA programs can be made online via (https://bizapply.korea.ac.kr). Please contact the Department Office (02-3290-5365) for further information. ※The schedule in the attached file may change depending on the situation.  
Apr 26, 2019
2019 Graduate School Orientation, New start line for talents who will lead the future Business Administrationㅎ
2019 Graduate School Orientation, New start line for talents who will lead the future Business Administration     2019 Korea University Graduate School (Dean=Professor Jae Wook Kim) Business School and International Business School Summer Semester Freshman Orientation was held at LG-POSCO Building #432 on February 19th 14:00 p.m. Freshmen who participated the orientation was able to listen to the curriculum, course registration, education management, scholarship program etc. and prepared for a new beginning of their graduate school life with joy.   Associate Dean Professor Baeho Kim delivered his greeting by saying “Please do not hesitate to contact myself when you have any inquiries or difficulties throughout your graduate school life”. He also added “You may not know what you do not know at this point, but today I hope everyone gets to know the person to look for in case you need assistance”. Professor Kim said, “You can count on KUBS, a university that has a long history and has produced numerous outstanding seniors”. Following this were guidance regarding △Education △Scholarship and Research Fee △Sudang Digital Library and △Graduate School Student Council. A Detailed guide of each specific major △Management △Accounting △Finance △Markeing △LSOM △MIS △International Business were also provided after the orientation.
Feb 21, 2019
Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’
 Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’    KUBS emeritus professor Yoondae Eu received ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ at the 24th Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (hereinbelow KASBA) Winter Regular General Assembly on February 19th (Tue). KASBA has been awarding the ‘Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ to inspire desire of research for business researchers and devote to the development of business administration in Korea since 1995. KASBA only awards one person after a strict judgment upon academic, education, social contribution, association activities etc. Professor Eu said, “I will think of the award as a compensation for my 30years of effort” and added that “I will continually support my fellow business researchers who are studying in the same field”.   Professor Eu was born in Jinhae, Kyungnam province and received a doctor’s degree at Graduate School of University of Michigan after graduating Kyunggi High School and KUBS. After this, He strived to nurture his students as a Business School professor. During his presidential term of Korea University from 2003 to 2006, he allowed 40% of the buildings on campus to be built and raised development fund of ·3.5 billion won. During the last government, professor Eu also held various positions such as Vice Chairman of the President Advisory National Economic Advisory Council, Chairman of FTA Promotion and Policy Adjustment Authority, and Chairman of National Brand Committee.  
Feb 20, 2019
Startup Essential Education held by expert speakers from in and outside of school
Startup Essential Education held by expert speakers from in and outside of school ‘Startup Essential Education’ was held at Startup Institute in Business School Main Hall for move-in and graduate businesses of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation from February 11th (Mon) through 12th (Tue). 10 lecturers including professor Hicheon Kim took charge, and 20 students participated in this event.   Professor Hicheon Kim started the lecture by explaining the vision of Startup Institute. He said, “I hope that by preparing for your startup at the Korea University Startup Institute, it allows to bring ‘Reputation’ among the venture business community” and added “The professors, classmates, seniors and juniors that you meet here will become a good network in the future”.  Professor Jungbin Moon took on the next order and gave a lecture about what a successful business model and its social values are. Professor Shijin Yoo lectured on the importance of market insight and marketing overall, while professor Daeil Nam talked about the startup business model. Professor Myungchul Shin spoke about startup investment attraction strategies.  Education regarding practical affairs were conducted on the first day afternoon and in the morning of second day. The lecturers were: △이은종 lawyer(Startup Legal Support Committee) △강혜정 tax accountant(Barun Tax Accounting) △손보인 lawyer(Startup Legal Support Committee) △신은혜 Team Leader(SK Happiness Foundation) △김성현 (Representative of Skin School). Lectures regarding practical affairs of judicial affairs, accounting · tax, patent, press public relations, digital marketing etc. were delivered.   ‘Startup Essential Education’ is held once per semester for move-in businesses of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation. This program was launched to deliver basic and essential knowledge for startup entrepreneurs. The Startup Essential Education provides lectures of various theories and practical affairs by experts from in and outside of school.  
Feb 18, 2019
E-MBA Orientation successfully held, A welcoming time for 17th generation
E-MBA Orientation successfully held, A welcoming time for 17th generation The Executive MBA (hereinbelow E-MBA) Orientation was held at Incheon Nest Hotel from February 8th (Fri) to 9th (Sat). Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean Dongwon Lee, Area Chair Weon Sang Yoo, Area Chair Jae Uk Chun, Alumni Chairman Seunghyun Lee, and 51 E-MBA 17th generation freshmen participated in the orientation. Students of E-MBA 16th generation also participated in the event.   Each 17th freshmen members were given 3minutes of speech time to creatively introduce themselves. They revealed their ambitions as the E-MBA freshmen and a member of their affiliation. Students of E-MBA 16th generation passed on their greetings with some advice that can be helpful to their academic life.   In the evening event, a dinner party was prepared for E-MBA alumni and freshmen to get along with each other. Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim said, “I believe today’s orientation is an event to feel the spirit of Korea University and E-MBA with our heart and bodies” and “It is a good opportunity to enjoy your entrance to Korea University and feel a sense of true thrill”. He also added “I hope today’s event acts as a chance to begin your journey of E-MBA with great purpose”.   Alumni Chairman Seunghyun Lee said, “You will become one of the alumni from a prestigious school who have both intelligence and ambition” and added “I hope you fully enjoy this event prepared by students of E-MBA 16th generation”. He also said, “Please continue on the great tradition of E-MBA by becoming the most cohesive generation.   During the dinner time, there was a welcoming celebration performance prepared by students of E-MBA 16th generation. Freshmen students finished the schedule by taking a group photo and having positive expectations of their new start.   The E-MBA program was launched in 2003 to produce creative global CEOs for higher officials of corporations. Through 2 years of curriculum, students can acquire business knowledge and refinement while forming network with current CEOs and executive alumni.   2019 E-MBA Orientation Photos Link
Feb 15, 2019
S³ Asia MBA 11th Generation, “Welcome to KUBS!”
S³ Asia MBA 11th Generation, “Welcome to KUBS!”   2019 S³ Asia MBA (hereinbelow A-MBA) 11th Generation Welcoming Ceremony and Orientation was held at Hyundai Motor Hall #209 and LG-POSCO Building Ahn Youngil Hall (exclusive classroom for A-MBA) on February 8th (Fri). This ceremony was prepared to welcome the S³ Asia MBA 11th Generation who will attend classes at Korea University from February 11th and introduce the school life as well as the overall curriculum to them.   Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim, A-MBA Area Chair Song Ah Yoon, and 25 A-MBA 11th generation Alumni participated this event. Professor Kim said, “The three business schools are trying their best to provide the best program” and “I hope you become outstanding leaders just like the red jackets you are wearing today”. A-MBA Area Chair Song Ah Yoon took on the next order and introduced the curriculum of winter semester as well as an overall explanation of the program. KUBS Career Development Center introduced the career service which will be provided in the winter semester. Also, KUBS International Office provided an explanation of visa registration for foreign students.     Students then looked around the KUBS campus and were given a group mission called ‘Hi, Seoul!’ as a networking program. 11th generation alumni had a chance to visit famous places around Seoul and understand the history and culture of Korea by eating Korean food.   LA networking place with A-MBA graduates was also prepared at LG-POSCO Building Ahn Youngil Hall during the evening event. Korea University Cheerleaders joined the ceremony and concluded the event by demonstrating FM and cheerleading performances.   2019 S³ Asia MBA Welcoming Ceremony&Orientation Photos Link   S³ Asia MBA Introduction   S³ Asia MBA is an Asia-specialized MBA program managed by Korea University, Fudan University, and National University of Singapore (NUS). All three universities were established in 1905 and has 113 years of tradition. It has a curriculum of 18months and students spend the first semester (September~December) at Fudan University, second semester (February~June) at Korea University, and last semester(August~December) at NUS. After graduation, students can acquire multiple MBA degrees in Korea University, Fudan University, and NUS.
Feb 12, 2019
Advanced Management Program (AMP) 86th Generation Course Completion Ceremony
Advanced Management Program (AMP) 86th Generation Course Completion Ceremony    Korea University Business School Advanced Management Program (hereinbelow AMP) 86th generation course completion ceremony was held on February 11 (Mon) in  LG-POSCO Building SUPEX HALL. In this ceremony, KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee, President of AMP Alumni Association Moon-Chan Kim, KUBS Area Chair SangYong Kim, Professor SeungYeon Oh, other honored guests and 47 students who completed the course attended.  For the first step, KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee read congratulatory message on behalf of KUBS Dean Jae Wook Kim. Vice President DongWon Lee said, "I sincerely congratulate our 86th generation students who successfully finished AMP. After this graduation, please keep in mind that you are from Korea University AMP and be proud of it. Also, I encourage you to keep in touch with Alma Mater as responsible member of Korea University Business School Alumni."  As next step President of AMP Alumni Association Moon-Chan Kim congratulated AMP graduates. He said that he hopes graduates to maintain their love towards Alma Mater after the graduation and support Alumni Association as well.  President of AMP 86th generation Alumni association Young ho Kim's gratification speech followed. He said, "With well-organized education curriculum and diverse experiences, last six month will be remembered as best memory ever since. It was an opportunity to meet various different people and could gather our goals to be responsible Business Manager. We give the credit to all professors who helped us and to our seniors." KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee handed in graduation certificate to the student representative which was followed by awarding ceremony to graduates. Young-ho Kim, who participated most actively in Alumni Association was awarded President award, and other nine alumnis received achievement award, while other seven alumnis received an exemplary award.    Meanwhile, students who actively and sincerely participated in the program were awarded summa cum laude and cum laude. And for the special prize, Award for prerequisite learning, Award for Industry experience, Award for actively participating, and Best Friendship Award were given.  After Moon Chan Kim President of AMP Alumni Association handed in certification of merit to President Young ho Kim and Secretary General Jeong Wan Hong, enrollment fee & contribution award delivery ceremony was held. As 86th generation AMP alumni association donated 10 million KRW to school, all of the graduates threw their graduation cap to the sky and the event was successfully finished. Korea University AMP has produced 4,652 graduates until now for past 43 years, and after the graduation, many alumnis actively participate in school works,  increasing the AMP reputation.  
Feb 12, 2019
2019 K-MBA&F-MBA Entrance Ceremony & Orientation, a thrilling start for freshmen
2019 K-MBA&F-MBA Entrance Ceremony & Orientation, a thrilling start for freshmen   The entrance ceremony and off Campus Orientation of 2019 Korea MBA (hereinbelow K-MBA) & Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) were held from February 9th to 10th. 202 freshmen of 2019 K-MBA and 27 F-MBA freshmen participated the event, officially becoming Korea University students and harmonizing with senior students & alumni.   As the first lineup, a joint-entrance ceremony of K-MBA and F-MBA was held at LG-POSCO Building Supex Hall. Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim showed his great affection towards the two courses by saying, “I was the first head of department after making the name ‘Korea MBA’ by putting in ‘Korea’ to the MBA course that has the longest history, and participated in planning the F-MBA course when it was firstly introduced”. He welcomed the new-coming freshmen by saying “You will have a lot to learn and earn good experience for two years by learning from two great head of department professors”. Professor Kim added, “I expect everyone to actively participate since we will try to offer a brand-new education that suits the 4th Industrial Revolution period”.   Associate Dean Professor Dongwon Lee introduced KUBS by briefing about the long history of Business School since 1905, world-level infrastructure, and international certification. He concluded his words by saying, “Korea University MBA can guarantee that it will provide satisfaction beyond your expectations”.   A memorial group photo was taken in front of the Supex Hall after the entrance ceremony. An introduction of the curriculum of each course and a Q&A session continued after the photo time.   Head of K-MBA Professor Jaiho Chung introduced K-MBA by saying “The synergy effect that comes from alumni of various industries is K-MBA’s biggest strength” and delivered his words of greeting: “I hope everyone gets together and open their heart through this orientation”.   Professor Hyun Seung Na showed his aspirations as the new Head of F-MBA by saying “I will try my best so that everyone can develop their capability as a leader of the financial market”. He added, “Please do not hesitate to give your thoughts in order to make the course head to a better direction”. After lunchtime at school, freshmen students headed to Oak Valley in Kangwon province where the off-campus Orientation was held. F-MBA Alumni President 연석흠 and K-MBA Alumni President 이경준 passed on their greetings to welcome freshmen students. The next order was an ‘ice-breaking time’ presided by K-MBA 16th class alumni 김지동. Senior students and freshmen had a time to feel a sense of belonging in an atmosphere of freedom.   After dinner, K-MBA 79th generation alumni 김연수 taught the cheerleading as the previous vice-captain of Korea University Cheerleaders and students experienced ‘Sabalsik’. Freshmen were able to share the culture of Korea University students and raise their college spirit through the events.   On the second day, an introduction of the K-MBA student council, clubs, and job-gatherings was provided after the gender equality education. It was very appealing to freshmen who were interested in soccer, tennis, wine, scuba-diving etc. A last group photo was taken with a crimson-colored uniform, the color of Korea University. A thrilling start of 2 years for freshmen students began after the end of two-day orientation.   2019 K-MBA&F-MBA Entrance Ceremony & Orientation Photos Link  
Feb 12, 2019
<2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony>, In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize
<2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony>, In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize     Hosted by Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation in Korea, supervised by Korea University LINC Plus Enterprise Organization <2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony> was held in Hana Square Multi media room on January 23 (Wed) and In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize. This contest was for students who interned during 2018 spring semester, summer vacation and 2018 winter semester. Accepted applications from December 10 to December 28 thus many students participated who are willing to share their experience in the meeting.   Award ceremony was opened by greetings speech from Byung ho Choi, chief of LINC Plus Enterprise Organization. He said, "LINC Plus supports Korea University students establishing start ups, and convergence education to produce quality human resources for job market. We are also willing to collect opinions and ideas from students and we congratulate students who are rewarded today beforehand."   Ceremony continued with Young ho Jin, professor who is in charge of Industry-University collaboration, giving speech about memoirs along with speech of encouragement. He said, "While reading the memoirs, I could know that our students already have set their goal and purpose, and what they learn during the internship and how they will going to elaborate these skills acquired were quite clear and specific. Students prepared about 30 years for 40 years of real world work life. This intenship experience will be the basics of your future work life. I hope you can manange your career life well in the future."   Aside from award winners who couldn't participate due to work and other reasons, grand prize was given to In-Kyung Yeo with 1 million KRW award, and three participation awards were given out as well. In-Kyung Yeo said, "Whilst doing my task, I tried to think beforehand the reason for this task. I basically thought about every single steps and every goal, process, and result about it. Doing this helped me to write memoir clearly with all the information needed included. Also, during the internship, the work was too intensive which made my whole day so busy. Thus I couldn't categorize my daily tasks and what I learned but through writing this memoir, I could organize my experience clearly. This memoir itself is a good experience and a portfolio."   For the second best prize winner 2 students were given 500k KRW each, for the excellence award winner 7 students were nominated along with 250k KRW each and for the participation award, 20 students were nominated and given 100k KRW each. After taking group photo the ceremony was finished.
Jan 29, 2019
'8th KUBS Mentoring Day for teenagers' successfully held
'8th KUBS Mentoring Day for teenagers' successfully held     '8th KUBS Mentoring Day for teenagers' was successfully held on January 26 (Sat). This event was held by Korea University Student Ambassador (KUBE) along with 10 other KUBS students participating as mentors. Approximately 120 high school sophomores who want to enter Korea University Business School attended this event. Joonghyuk Kim KUBS Vice Dean welcomed them by saying, "Be KUBS student for this one day and enjoy every infrastructure provided by KUBS".    This event commenced by KUBE introducting seven majors in Business School and KUBS campus life, providing high school students who are newly exposed to 'What Business Administration is.' Professor Jaehwan Kim also helped them easily understand about 'Business Administration' in the eye to eye level of high school students. Meanwhile, KUBS campus tour was held which definitely improved the awareness and image of KUBS towards high school students.     During 'Business Practical Exercise Session' students made a presentation about 'Elaborating maintainable business strategy by using survival inequation'. Students participated with seriousness, puting themselves in a position of a CEO. Min-Ju Bong from  Hanyang High School Attached To the College of Education said that after all these beneficial lectures and exercises, I am interested in the division of marketing. She continued that she will practice more about marketing by selecting 'marketing' as her topic for school project.   After the exercise, group mentoring was followed. During the mentoring many questions like studying method, scores regarding university admission, and universty life were asked. Ga-Yoon Kim (Business 18) who attended as student mentor said, 'It was demanding for me to prepare for this mentoring day but it was very meaningful to see mentees being proactive and enthusiastic. If there is another chance in the future, I would like to participate again." Meanwhile Min-Sang Yoo, high school student from Sorae High School said, "My mentor told me stories that are very realistic about university life which made me think KUBS more attractive."     Attendees wrote rolling paper to each other in the end of the day. Vice Dean Joonghyuk Kim said, "I think great connection between KUBS students and high school students is made through this mentoring day. I hope students here can enter KUBS after two years and hope we can meet up then." KUBS Mentoring Day is held twice every year during summer break and winter break targeting high school sophomores. One can apply through KUBS web site during separate application period.  
Jan 29, 2019
KUBS 809 New Year Party, Full of love towards Alma Mater
KUBS 809 New Year Party, Full of love towards Alma Mater     KUBS 809 New Year Party was held in Ahn Young Il Hall located in LG-POSCO Building on January 17 (Thu). This event was hosted by current KUBS Dean Jae Wook Kim and many important people attended; KUBS Vice Dean Joonghyuk Kim, KUBS Vice Chair Bae ho Kim, Vice Chair of KUBS Alumni Association Ja Hyung Koo, President of Female Alumni Association Choong Jin Lee and more than 40 other alumnis participated.   809 Chairman Soo-Geun Park opened the ceremony by giving a speech to thank Dean Jae Wook Kim for hosting this meeting and New Year's greeting. Event was smoothly held followed by Dean's comment saying, "While I was thinking about there would be many alumnis who were curious about how their home university has changed, I got to know the fact that 809 is doing New Year Party so I reached out and invited them into their own school." He continued, "Have great time here and as always, I hope alumnis here could maintain their courtesy and love toward their Alma Mater."   Vice Chair of KUBS Alumni Association Ja Hyung Koo followed, "Until now, KUBS Alumni Association is ran by Alumnis with their student number starts with 1970~ and so on. I strongly hope our alumnis who entered KUBS on 1980s could more actively participate in Alumni Association thereby both Alumni Association and 809 can advance one step forward."   President of Female Alumni Association Choong Jin Lee said, "I'm running Female Alumni Association for past six years, and as years go by, there are many events, ceremonies and meetings increasing." She also mentioned that more than 50% of the freshmen for year 2019 are females, thus she is looking forward for the boom of Female Alumni Association as there are already many female students & alumnis participating in the events. She also said, she would be greatful for many supports and cheer for Female Alumni Association as well.   After all these greetings, 2018 activities & accounting results were presented, followed by brief speech from alumnis who reached 30th Anniversary for their entrance of the school. Jung-ho Kim (KUBS 88) said, "In 30th Anniversary Ceremony we alumnis have gathered more than 200 million KRW for scholarship purpose. This amount is an outstanding number compared to other majors who only reached 100 million at maximum. We followed the path that our seniors laid, and our 30th Anniversary Ceremony was successfully done due to the strong back up from our seniors."   During the ceremony, there was an event for donating scholarship from 809 association to KUBS. Vice Chair of KUBS Alumni Association Ja Hyung Koo, President Soo-Geun Park, and New President Yong-dong Yeo handed in Dean Jae Wook Kim 16 million KRW as a scholarship. President Soo-Geun Park said, "809 didn't actively donated scholarship in the past regularly but donated 23 million KRW two years ago when New president took over his place. I strongly hope this tradition could continue in the future too. During last three years, I handed in scholarship donations twice to the school and am really grateful for members of 809 association who strongly supported and responded."     Ceremony was followed by New president Yong-dong Yeo saying, "I am grateful to be appointed as president for this meaningful association but at the same time, kind of worried too. I will try my best to make 809 entertaining, fun, helpful, and meaningful to each other thereby helping our home university to develop and advance."   Afterwards, feast was held starting with the toast of 809 Seon-Yong Lee, and watched video about 2018 activities. After having dinner, alumnis introduced themselves by doing 1 minute presentation about self introduction and giving out how one is getting along these days. This event ended in great success.
Jan 22, 2019
Korea University MBA ranked 1st place at Financial Times ‘2018 Asia Pacific Business School Ranking Top 25’ for 2 consecutive years
Korea University MBA ranked 1st place at Financial Times ‘2018 Asia Pacific Business School Ranking Top 25’ for 2 consecutive years   Korea University MBA topped Korea’s national rankings at the United Kingdom Financial Times (FT) ‘2018 Asia Pacific Business School Ranking Top 25’, and ranked 19th across Asia-Pacific regions proving that it is the top-notch MBA. Korea University MBA ranked 1st place among for 2 consecutive years at the ‘Asia Pacific Business School Ranking’ which Financial Times has been announcing since 2017. Following last year’s ranking, the honor of top place for Asia Pacific Business School went to China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai. The 2nd place was CEIBS of China, and National University of Singapore a partner university of Korea University MBA) came in 3rd place. Hong Kong University ranked 9th, Melbourne University ranked 10th, and Fudan University School of Management (also a partner university of Korea University MBA) ranked 14th. For Korean MBAs, Korea University ranked 19th and Yonsei University MBA ranked 20th place.   2018 Rank School Name Country 1 Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai China 2 China Europe International Business School(CEIBS) China 3 National University of Singapore Business School Singapore 9 University of Hong Kong China 14 Fudan University School of Management China 19 Korea University Business School South Korea 20 Yonsei University School of Business South Korea 22 Sungkyunkwan Univerist GSB South Korea 25 NUCB Business School  Japan The ranking above is based on the aggregate rankings of MBA and Executive MBA announced by Financial Times, and factors such as the salary of MBA graduate, increase rate of annual salary before and after MBA graduation, etc. are reflected upon the rankings. Korea University Executive MBA ranked 38th across the world of Financial Time’s ‘2018 World Top 100 E-MBA Ranking’, taking the 1st place among MBAs in Korea for 8 consecutive years.
Jan 11, 2019
2018 F-MBA Night of Year-End, the moment of harmony of Finance MBA
2018 F-MBA Night of Year-End, the moment of harmony of Finance MBA The 2018 Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) Night of Year-End event was held on December 22(Sat) in Ara Hall at Four Seasons Hotel. The event was hosted by the 12th class of F-MBA students, and it was presided by alumni Sangwoo Han and alumni Jihyun Park.   (From the Left) Emcee alumni Sangwoo Han and alumni Jihyun Park Prior to the event, guests and visitors were introduced. Professor James L. Park and professor Yoonseo Jung (F-MBA lecturers of the 2nd semester of 2018), Mr. Woosung Nam (President of F-MBA Alumni), Mr. Byunggil Lee (President of 11th class of F-MBA), and 25 students of the 12th class of F-MBA graced the occasion with their presence. A congratulatory message by the president of F-MBA alumni and a reply from the president of 12th class of F-MBA continued the introduction.   A remembrance video of 2018 F-MBA provided by the 12th class of F-MBA students was also showed. The video had pictures and clips of spring, summer, fall Membership Trainings and classes. Alumni members gathered around and developed deeper relationships with each other by recalling the past year. Performances by alumni also brightened up the atmosphere. A dance performance by alumni Junhyung No and a singing performance by Jongseok Kim added attraction to the event.   The 2nd part of the event composed of quiz, games, and a special corner with singing and dancing performances by professors, staff in charge, and alumni. They were highly acclaimed, and the event ended successfully. Emcee alumni Jihyun Park (12th class) said “I am so proud since I was able to go through 2018 along with our fellow alumni. I was especially admired with various performances by talented alumni, and I am looking forward to the upcoming new year even more” and showed her affection and expectations towards F-MBA as well as alumni.
Jan 03, 2019
2018 E-MBA Night of Alumni held successfully
2018 E-MBA Night of Alumni held successfully   2018 KUBS Executive MBA Night of Alumni was held on December 17 (Mon) in Coex Intercontinental Hotel Harmony Ball Room. It has already been 16 years after the establishment of E-MBA course in KUBS and in this ceremony, Jae Wook Kim Dean of KUBS, Dongwon Lee Vice Dean, Gwang Joon Jang Secretary General of KU Alumni association and more than 220 E-MBA Alumnis participated.  After showing ceremonial footage, in part 1 of the event, Jae Wook Kim KUBS Dean awarded Certificate of Merit and Appreciation Plaque. Certificate of Merit which is awarded to Alumni who worked hard for the invigoration of Alumni Association was taken by 10th President of Association Seung Hyun Lee, 10th Vice President Tae Seung Lee and 9th Chang min Pyo. Appreciation Plaque was awarded to the entire 11th generation who supported positive result from 2018 Financial Times EMBA Evaluation. As representative of 11th generation, Young Hyun Jang, Jong Sook Park, Jeong Woo Park were awarded. This event was followed by President of Alumni Association Seung Hyun Lee, handing in Jae Wook Kim the Dean, a lump sum of money as a scholarship for KUBS students. Out of the entire donation, 10 million KRW was assigned as a scholarship.   Introduction of newly elected executive branch was followed. All of the alumnis welcomed new representatives who are elected in Grand Committee held on December 10 (Mon) President Heo-Ok Kang, Vice Chairman Jae-Jeong Park, Secretary General Byung-Joo Lee in a loud applause. President Heo-Ok Kang said that she appreciates what 10th president Seung Hyun Lee has done for the past one year and will try my best to develop more harmonious relationship between alumnis.  Many greetings from Alumnis arrived for 16th anniversary of Alumni's Night. 10th president Seung Hyun Lee said that 2018 was an important year for Alumni Association, establishing standard decision support system and making the entire system more systematic. He is looking forward how Alumni Association will change in year 2019 under the new president's strong command. Jae Wook Kim, Dean of KUBS said that he believes the power of 700 Alumnis in E-MBA has approximately same power with 70 thousand, 700 thousand alumnis. As we are receiving very positive score in the Global Business School Ranking and continuous donation as usage of scholarship, we thank our Alumni Association for all the activities they are doing for the school.      2018 E-MBA 교우의 밤 사진 확인하기
Jan 03, 2019
2019-1 KUBS Outbound-Exchange Students Information Session Held
2019-1 KUBS Outbound-Exchange Students Information Session Held   2019-1 KUBS Outbound Exchange Students Information Session was held on December 21 (Fri) at 5:30 pm in HM B307. The contents were △Greetings of Changwha Chung, Vice President of Korea University Business Graduate School △Notifications of things to be aware △Q&A session.  Changwha Chung quoted Mark Twain, who is a writer and a social critic in United States, that after 20 years you will be more disappointed for the things you have not done than for the things you have done. He continued that this is the moment for you guys to look back in the future and decide whether to regret or not, thus I recommend you to unfold the sails and start a voyage.  Inhyang Lim, continued to explain about what to check before the departure, what to prepare, how to apply for the credits approval for home university and etc). She emphasized that it is a great opportunity to enroll to courses that are not provided in KUBS or courses that students are interested in. Most important thing she high-lighted was that students need to mandatorily maintain their 'full-time student status' in the country where they are staying. KUBS currently has exchange agreement with 101 universities around the world, in total 29 countries. Being KUBS student, one is privileged having an opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters as exchange-outbound student and can get their credits acknowledged in KUBS.
Jan 02, 2019
[Special Lecture] Lee Bo-young, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer(CDIO), gave a Special Lecture
[Special Lecture] Lee Bo-young, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer(CDIO), gave a Special Lecture      Lee Bo-young, the CDIO(Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer) of ‘Uber’, delivered a lecture on December 4 at HM 403.    The lecture was entitled "The Importance of Diversity and Adoption in Global Companies," with more than 40 students attending. CDIO Lee Bo-young gave lectures in order of △ growth process and career introduction, △ task(CDIO) description in Uber, and △ question and answer.   Referring to her past days as an MBA student at New York University, she explained why he became interested in the 'diversity and inclusion' of corporate culture. "When I first took an MBA program, I was a minority," she said. “I was Asian-American, a woman, and just a yoga instructor at the time."   "To me, what 'diversity and inclusion' means is to think about how 'diversity and inclusion' is different, how to maximize diversity and inclusion, and how to properly guarantee the differences between tasks that arise there," he explained.   She then went on to explain the level of women's academic background in the U.S. and the state of women's business expansion, referring to last year's sexual harassment problem in Uber. "Uber's sex scandal at the time has led me to become the first person in charge of diversity and inclusion in Uber," she said. I'm working hard with my staff to solve this difficult problem, and it is great pleasure to me to take that role."   The 15-minute question-and-answer session after the lecture drew many students' questions. One student asked, "You are busy with various roles of yoga instructer, worker and mother, and I wonder how you can live in harmony and balance among the different roles."   Lee stressed that work-life balance is a very important issue. "I've been busy in many countries these days, but when I get back to New York, I always try to spend time with my children and take some time off to travel with my family. "I think it's important to meet a good spouse who understands my job because my husband's role is also big."    Meanwhile, Lee Bo-young, who is in charge of diversity and inclusion, is the first person in Uber to be appointed in January of 2018, and is in charge of innovating Uber's corporate culture, which has been a problem due to the sex scandal. The person in charge of diversity is mostly employed by global companies as a job that allows women and minorities to be employed and engaged in their jobs without discrimination.
Dec 27, 2018
Yangyoung Foundations donates twenty million won for KUBS scholarship
Yangyoung Foundations donates twenty million won for KUBS scholarship Passionate affection of KUBS alumni towards the university and students continues to go on. On December 26 (Wed) 15:00, there was a donation ceremony for Yangyoung Foundations (Board President=Mr. Sangha Kim) which donated twenty million won to KUBS.       General Manager of Yangyoung Foundations Mr. Sunghoon Hong (Executive MBA 1st class), KUBS Dean Jae Wook Kim, Vice President for Development and External Affairs Byung Hyun Yoo, Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim attended the ceremony. The ceremony had the following order of events: △Deed of covenant delivery △Certificate of donation delivery △Appreciation plaque delivery △Group photos and △Confabulation. This scholarship fund donated by the Yangyoung Foundations will be used for academic scholarship for students in the future. General Manager of Yangyoung Foundations Mr. Sunghoon Hong showed his pride and warm heart towards the school and juniors by saying “There are many students who cannot solely strive hard on their studies, but KUBS manages scholarship that even supports their living expenses, which I think is magnificent.”  KUBS Dean Jae Wook Kim showed his gratitude by saying “I would really like to appreciate the Yangyoung Foundations for providing donations for students with love and affection, and I believe it is significant to directly convey my compliments with this opportunity”.     Yangyoung Foundations have been donating to KUBS since 2006, and a total of 82 students have been receiving support by over 280,000,000 won of cumulative contributions. Yangyoung Foundations was established in 1939 by Mr. Yeonsoo Kim, the younger brother of Mr. Seonsoo Kim who founded Korea University, and is the first private education foundation in Korea. It has been supporting 9,141 students and 480 professors for their scholarship and research funds since 2006, honoring Mr. Sanghong Kim (Department of Commercial Science-Class of 1941)’s wish, the third son of Mr. Yeonsoo Kim.
Dec 26, 2018
Unione I&C Inc. Alumni Yoon-bok Kim (E-MBA 16th Class), donates twenty million won to KUBS
Unione I&C Inc. Alumni Yoon-bok Kim (E-MBA 16th Class), donates twenty million won to KUBS   Executive MBA Class of 16 Alumni Yoon-bok Kim donated twenty million won to KUBS.    The donation ceremony was held on December 26 (Wed) 13:30 at the Business School Dean’s Office. Dean of KUBS Professor Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean of MBA Dongwon Lee, Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim, and Area Chair Weon Sang Yoo attended the donation ceremony of Alumni Yoon-bok Kim who gave great support for juniors and our school. The ceremony had the following order of events: △ deed of covenant △certificate of contribution △plaque of appreciation △group photo △confabulation.     Mr. Yoon-bok Kim said a few words on his donation by stating “I am happy to participate in a meaningful event for KUBS while in school, and I am also delighted and proud of myself”. Dean of KUBS Jae Wook Kim showed his expressions of gratitude by saying, “I will make sure that the donation funds are used for good purposes of KUBS and students, following Mr. Kim’s intentions”. Unione I&C Inc., having alumni Mr. Yoon-bok Kim as the CEO, is a SME that does business in computer and other devices, software wholesale, and communication engineering. It has been nominated as the ‘Good SME to work at’ by the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) this year, and has previously received the ‘3rd 2017 Good Company Award 2017 - Service Innovation Award’ by Moneytoday. 
Dec 26, 2018
KUBS ‘Social Venture Startup’ Firefighter Rescue Team receives the excellence award at National Economy Idea Contest Exhibit
KUBS ‘Social Venture Startup’ Firefighter Rescue Team receives the excellence award at National Economy Idea Contest Exhibit The Firefighter Rescue Team of KUBS ‘Social Venture Startup’ class, which was lectured by professor Jungbien Moon, received the excellence award at National Economy Idea Contest Exhibit which was held from November 12 (Mon) until December 9 (Sun) hosted by the National Economic Advisory Council. The 6 team members were Heehoon Koo (Business School 13), Junyeop Lim (Business School 15), Jinwoo Lim (Business School 15), Woojin Jeong (Business school 15), and Yena Jegal (Business School 16). They worked day and night with all of their mind and prepared for the context exhibit which led to this honorable award.   (From the Left) Junyeop Lim (Business School 15), Yena Jegal (Business School 16), Taehwan Kim (Business School 13) The National Economy Idea Contest Exhibit was firstly held this year to solve economic issues such as old-age income problems hosted by the National Economic Advisory Council. Participants were required to choose one topic among △ marriage and childcare of young people △ assuring old-age income in an aging society △ corporate investment and startup activation △ the effect of economy policies of the new government etc. and submit their ideas regarding their choice.   The awards ceremony was held on December 19 (Wed) and our school’s Firefighter Rescue Team received the excellence award with a prize of two million won, at the end of a heated competition.   Junyeop Lim (Business School 15) explained his background of participating in the contest by saying “While I was listening to professor Jungbien Moon’s ‘Social Venture Startup’ class, I became interested in various social issues”. He also talked about the process of deciding their choice of topic by saying “We started a project of creating an interagency operation to prevent waste of social costs and a decline of efficiency regarding firefighters’ job due to their non-urgent moves”.   Junyeop Lim stated in his award speech that the issue of current working conditions of firefighters has been raised in the present government and that his team was able to receive the award since they proposed the core issue and solutions thoroughly and specifically. He also added that his team’s idea is surely delivered to the government and relevant ministries, and a system which allows firefighters across the whole country to focus on their job is built. Junyeop Lim concluded his words by appreciating his teammates and being proud of their close teamwork. Professor Jungbien Moon who led the Firefighter Rescue Team said “I believe if KUBS students think about issues that our society has and goes beyond this level to think about global issues, it will be helpful to make a better world with their effort of finding solutions based on business knowledge” and implied that studying business administration provided students with precious experience. He also gave encouraging words by stating “The mission of KUBS is ‘Business for society: Inspiring next leaders’, and I would like to congratulate 2018-2 KUBS ‘Social Venture Startup’ Firefighter Rescue Team for achieving this mission and receiving the excellence award at National Economy Idea Contest Exhibit”.
Dec 24, 2018
Year-End Sharing Event by ‘Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni’
Year-End Sharing Event by ‘Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni’   From the left: E-MBA 15th Area Chair Jae Uk Chun, alumnus Donghyuk Seo, alumnus Wonhyuk Jeong, alumnus Myungchul Kang, alumnus Jeongil Lee, alumnus Sanghoon Jeong   Korea University Graduate School of Business (President= Jae Wook Kim) Executive MBA 15th Night of Year-End Event was held on December 15 (Sat) at LG-POSCO Building Ahn Young Il Hall.   This event was held with a ’teacher  appreciation   banquet ’ to thank for the teaching for two years. Dean Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean Dongwon Lee, and many other professors including E-MBA 15th Area Chair Jae Uk Chun attended the event to grace the occasion with their presence.   Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni (Alumni President= Myungchul Kang) had a time where all voluntary donations by each alumnus are gathered and delivered to a welfare foundation for two consecutive years. Particularly, it has been revealed that graduate students whom belong to a higher education group made designated donations for the education of domestic unfortunate children, which made the event more meaningful. The Events Department of E-MBA 15th (President of Department=Yoosang Kim) which planned this event stated “By having a sense of responsibility that it is a group of leaders, we didn’t want this to remain as a feast of our own. We tried to save the execution budget as much as possible such as funds for borrowing the event hall, and this kind of a pleasure was possible with the help of voluntary donations without any hesitation by our alumni”.
Dec 21, 2018