2019 Finance MBA Homecoming Day, Precious time of F-MBA students who found home of heart
Jul 19, 2019
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2019 Finance MBA Homecoming Day
Precious time of F-MBA students who found home of heart

KUBS Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) homecoming day for the first half of 2019 was held at 3rd floor buffet of Sudang Samyang Faculty House on June 26th. About 60 people attended the ceremony, including professor Weon Sang Yoo, professor Na Hyun Seung, professor Kim Dongcheol, professor Kim Chang Ki, professor SOHN BUMJEAN, and professor Joon Ho Hwang.

"We are trying to make various changes and innovations in order to develop the F-MBA program. More advice, reprimands and opinions from everyone will definitely help F-MBA to become the best place for raising financial experts,” said professor Na Hyun Seung in his greetings.

Professor Weon Sang Yoo added, "There is a lyric that Korea University is the home of the heart in the Korea University song.” "I want you to have a good time and feel comfortable as you are at home. KUBS will strive to show progress so that all of you can feel proud of your school. "

F-MBA students also responded with high expectations. "I am glad to see familiar faces again through the homecoming day," said Jeon Hoon (F-MBA 7th). "I wish everyone had a good time today."


After the dinner, giveaway event was held. Finally, the participants gathered together to take group pictures and enjoyed time to socialize. The F-MBA holds a homecoming day every year to provide time for graduated students and attending students to interact and socialize.