CPA Mentoring Seminar, the best support for young generation
Jul 18, 2019
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CPA Mentoring Seminar, the best support for young generation

On July 9th (Tue), KUBS Career Development Center hosted `CPA Mentoring Seminar’ at Hyundai Motor Hall. The seminar covered student’s live questions and inquiries about KICPA (Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountant) exam and the businesses of the accounting firm. Two currently active CPAs, Daehoon Kim (KPMG, KUBS06) and Jinhyung Kim (Deloitte, KUBS07), participated in the seminar to give a generous advice to undergraduates who have interests in becoming an accountant.
Seminar went through the two separated sessions, in order to distribute the topic of the Q&As. The first session covered the questions about preparing the CPA exam, and the second half was made up of the inquiries in accountant’s jobs and tasks at the business scene.

At first, Jinhyung Kim pointed out his past motivation for the CPA exam, explaining as “After the military service period, I have begun to find my own strength, not depending on the college education’s name value. Therefore, I decided to prepare CPA exam that I can guarantee my own expertise in market and my future income stability”. About the exam, Daehoon Kim shared his study know-how and experience, saying “I began studying from summer vacation period and considered the first-time exam as a practice, then I made a short-term objective to enter into Jungjincho (KUBS CPA-exam group). To mitigate the anxiety, I didn’t throw the practice sheets away and stored them. Also, I recorded my studying hours respectively per exam subjects. In addition, I searched for the online courses which exactly match my own learning style. My preparation period began relatively earlier than others since I started studying at the beginning of my military service period. Also, I believe that planning a strategic studying schedule rather than hastening myself to achieve an early success was the major source to win the exam”.
In the next session, two speakers provided information of CPA’s career, after getting the license. Jinhyung Kim explained, “There are 3 divisions in an accounting firm. Basically there are Auditory division, FA division which handles M&A businesses and real estate value estimations and finally the Tax division that manages tax investigation issues and tax affairs”. Daehoon Kim replied on the question asking about CPA’s high rate of job transfer, saying “In my opinion, it is better to stay at accounting firm if you have anything left to learn about the business. Considering the successful transfer cases that I know, people leave the office when they start thinking ‘Now I don’t have any learning points in the firm’”. One student asked about the general outlook of CPA as a job, and Jinhyung Kim answered “Honestly it is a saturated market. It is certain that CPA’s job market can’t elude from getting rigidity while the Korean economy shows negative trend of growth. It is quite definite that CPA’s job market following the macro-economic index”. Daehoon Kim commented “But since accounting and taxation market are not really dynamic compared to other sectors, the market will keep its stability in a good momentum”.

The seminar took over two hours, CPA mentors sincerely sharing their wide range of experiences and knowledges for the undergraduate mentees. The event was successfully ended with Daehoon Kim’s remark, saying “I feel honored coming to campus and to meet those undergraduate students who have huge potentials. I hope this seminar helps their exam preparation and career growth”.