International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover"
Dec 28, 2018
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International Internship Ceremony, "Leave the harbor, dream and discover"

KUBS (Dean = Jae Wook Kim) 2018 Winter International Internship Ceremony was held on December 21 (Fri) in HM B306. In this winter vacation, total 10 students are flying out to enjoy valuable opportunity to work abroad in △PT KBC International △Phoenix Business Computing △Sally H. Kim& Associates △New Millennium Bank △Shanghai YIQU △Dae-Sang Food Co., Ltd, etc). In today's meeting, students were educated about workplace etiquette, appropriate attitude to make sure our students to perfectly blend in and create synergy in each company which they are going to work.

In the ceremony, Chang-Wha Chung, Associate Dean for Planning and Budget said, that he wishes students to enjoy the experience of leaving the harbor that they are accustomed to and enjoy dreaming and discovering the new world. Further, he continued that students should have a sense of duty because they are being sent as a representative of KUBS, thus try their best to work hard and play hard as well.

Gender equality education was also held in this ceremony under the topic of 'Sexual Harassment during the internship'. Jung min Noh, chief of Korea University Gender Equality Center, said that there are many cases when students being harmed sexually in the region but can't reach out for help due to the embarrassment of how others will think about. Thus, the most important thing is the role of the member of society, they should help and give out a hand for the victims. There exists a prejudice that the victim is the one who provided the reason for the crime and thus they cannot announce unfair events happened to them. Therefore, if students notice school when unfair events happen, the school will do its best to help them.

KUBS is providing International Internship Program since the year 1994, which was first in Korea. KUBS students work in various companies all over the world and can gain wider sight and knowledge for the global stage. KUBS International Internship program is a specialized Industry-University collaboration program, in which selected students can experience global business in the real working field. Since the commencement, a total of 1950 students participated in this program.