<2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony>, In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize
Jan 29, 2019
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<2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony>, In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize

Hosted by Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation in Korea, supervised by Korea University LINC Plus Enterprise Organization <2018 On-Job Training contest exhibit awarding ceremony> was held in Hana Square Multi media room on January 23 (Wed) and In-Kyung Yeo (Business 15) received a Grand prize.

This contest was for students who interned during 2018 spring semester, summer vacation and 2018 winter semester. Accepted applications from December 10 to December 28 thus many students participated who are willing to share their experience in the meeting.

Award ceremony was opened by greetings speech from Byung ho Choi, chief of LINC Plus Enterprise Organization. He said, "LINC Plus supports Korea University students establishing start ups, and convergence education to produce quality human resources for job market. We are also willing to collect opinions and ideas from students and we congratulate students who are rewarded today beforehand."

Ceremony continued with Young ho Jin, professor who is in charge of Industry-University collaboration, giving speech about memoirs along with speech of encouragement. He said, "While reading the memoirs, I could know that our students already have set their goal and purpose, and what they learn during the internship and how they will going to elaborate these skills acquired were quite clear and specific. Students prepared about 30 years for 40 years of real world work life. This intenship experience will be the basics of your future work life. I hope you can manange your career life well in the future."

Aside from award winners who couldn't participate due to work and other reasons, grand prize was given to In-Kyung Yeo with 1 million KRW award, and three participation awards were given out as well.

In-Kyung Yeo said, "Whilst doing my task, I tried to think beforehand the reason for this task. I basically thought about every single steps and every goal, process, and result about it. Doing this helped me to write memoir clearly with all the information needed included. Also, during the internship, the work was too intensive which made my whole day so busy. Thus I couldn't categorize my daily tasks and what I learned but through writing this memoir, I could organize my experience clearly. This memoir itself is a good experience and a portfolio."

For the second best prize winner 2 students were given 500k KRW each, for the excellence award winner 7 students were nominated along with 250k KRW each and for the participation award, 20 students were nominated and given 100k KRW each. After taking group photo the ceremony was finished.