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  • Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    The KUBS undergraduate program aims to nuture future business leaders by cultivating student creavity, entrepreneurship, leadership and integrity, all with a global perspective.

Schedule, Curriculum, Absence & Returning Guide and Graduate Qualifications.


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[Undergraduate] Fall 2017 “Internship Practice” Credit Approval Application (Domestic Internship)
Due to the curriculum revision being implemented as of Fall 2017, if you pursue an internship during a regular semester, you may earn up to 16 credit hours of the “Internship Practice” course (a maximum of 6 credits may be earned during a summer/winter session).   Please see below for application procedure and assignment submission for the Fall 2017 Internship Practice (BUSS467, 468 & 469), a course that grants academic credits for interning at a company in Korea.   Please carefully read the notice and the list of documents that need to be submitted. You must submit your application by the deadline if you wish to receive internship credits. 1. Process Internship MOU between KUBS and company (prior to internship) > Preliminary approval for academic credit & application submission for approval > Course registration (done by the department office) > Internship > Assignment submission > Grade 2. Major Policies of “Operating Regulations of Internship for College Students (대학생 현장실습 운영규정)” by the Ministry of Education Internship hours (8 hours of work per day, no night shift) may be determined by a discussion among company-university-student. Criteria for interns (currently third- or fourth-year students only), semester, and credit approval may be determined as academic regulations by the university.   A company is required to pay an interning student in order to make internship experience smoothly. The university and a company must sign a MOU with an interning student prior to working.   3. Qualifications Students must have completed at least 4 semesters (as of Fall 2017) to register for the course (including dual degrees, double majors, minors, undeclared majors of Business Administration) However, exceptions can be made through approval by the associate dean Students from other department are not eligible to apply. Students who are confirm to do an internship for at least 4 weeks or have applied for an intern position in the semester you wish to receive credit approval Students may earn up to 12 credit hours of internship courses offered by Korea University (including Internship Practice by KUBS)   4. Credit Approval Procedure for Fall 2017 Internship Practice You must submit your online approval application and documents by September 8 (9:00 a.m.), which is add/drop course deadline. The associate dean will conduct the company screening process KUBS, intern, and company will sign a MOU The department office will sign up for the course You must check your course registration status. You must pay your tuition by the deadline if you have not completed (students exceeding 8 semesters should apply for reduced tuition) You must pursue your internship and then complete assignments You must submit your assignment (see the notice and email) 3. Document Submission (by email or stop by the office): [Click here to apply]      Online Application for Internship Practice (fill it out online and print it) Application for Participating Company (see the attached file) Application for Academic Credit Approval (see the attached file) KUBS Internship MOU – signed by the intern and company (see the attached file) Internship Offer Letter (email or contract) Introduction to company and job description Transcript 4. Submission Period and Procedure Period: July 31, 2017 (Mon) – September 8 (Fri); 9:00 a.m. Submission Location: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building) The application status will be completed once you have mailed to or stopped by the office to submit your application in hard copy after the online submission. Tuition fee refunds will be processed for a summer/winter session only, not for a regular semester. 5. Assignment Submission and Grade – You may submit early (by December 8 (Fri))  Daily Work Journal: Download the attached file and fill out by hand Internship Report: See attached file (no longer than 2 pages excluding photos) Application for Academic Credit Approval (see the attached file) Performance Evaluation by Employer (the school will receive the form directly from the corresponding employer) 6. Notes Course Name (You may earn up to 12 credit hours based on your internship period) BUSS467 Internship Practice I (3 credits) BUSS468 Internship Practice II (3 credits) BUSS469 Internship Practice III (6 credits) Credit Approval Criteria (credits will be approved in combination with the three courses above) Credits Full-time Internship Part-time Internship 3 credits 4 weeks – 7 weeks 160 hours – 319 hours 6 credits 8 weeks – 11 weeks 320 hours – 479 hours 9 credits 12 weeks – 15 weeks 480 hours – 639 hours 12 credits 16 weeks – 19 weeks 640 hours – 799 hours For academic credit approval, you must make a tuition payment and submit assignments Pre-approval is required at the department office prior to your internship – After your internship, you must submit the followings: daily work journal, report, etc. Internship Practice will be graded Pass/Fail. If you fail to submit your assignments after completing the internship, you will receive an “F.” Grade Criteria: Internship Report (25%), Daily Work Journal (25%), Performance Evaluation by Employer (50%)   5. Contact Us: Faizer Kwak, The Department Office of Business Administration Office: Rm 103 (1F) in KUBS Main Building, 고려대학교 경영대학, 서울시 성북구 안암로 145 (02841) Phone: 02-3290-2703 Email: pij0612@korea.ac.kr
Jul 18, 2017
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[Undergraduate] Schedule of Fall 2017 Freshman Course Requirements for Major
Greetings from the Department Office of Business Administration. Six courses (14 credit hours) that the 2017 freshmen must take in Fall 2017 will be automatically registered. Please refer to the schedule below to avoid any conflict when registering for other courses. Major Requirements for Fall 2017: Principles of Accounting, Business Statistics, Principles of Economics II, Thinking and Writing II, Academic English II, and Computational Thinking (the courses will not be shown in the schedule) (However, students who failed Freshman Seminar I in spring 2017 can retake the course next year (Spring 2018)) When planning to register for other courses, please check the attached schedule that corresponds to your Student Number. [Notes] 1. Major requirement courses for freshmen have been assigned based on the class size of each section. Please note that you may change or delete the schedule, but if you need an additional change after deleting your schedule, you must do it on your own. 2. Inquiries for Thinking and Writing: Insun Yoon, 02-3290-1591 / inquiries for Academic English: Taeho Oh, 02-3290-1453 3. If you are an international student who entered Korea University through international admission, please change your Thinking and Writing course to “special class for international students.” Also, you must take the level test in order to enroll in the course. 4. Students who have already taken Advanced Academic English course can take other course for the remaining 2 credit hours. 5. If your major requirement courses are not registered properly by August 4 (Fri), please contact us. Thank you. 6. Some class sections for Principles of Economics II have been changed. The course will be automatically changed by the course registration deadline. Please see the attached file to see the revised schedule. 7. There was an error on Business Statistics (Prof. Kyung Sam Park), and it has been modified. The course is on Tue & Thur in 5th period.  Email: pij0612@korea.ac.kr Phone: 02-3290-2703  
Jun 30, 2017
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