• Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    The KUBS undergraduate program aims to nuture future business leaders by cultivating student creavity, entrepreneurship, leadership and integrity, all with a global perspective.

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! [Undergraduate] Registration for Spring 2017 KUBS Scholarship Award Ceremony
KUBS has been holding a scholarship award ceremony every semester where scholarship recipients can meet donors. The scholarship recipients must register for the ceremony.  ♦ Date: May 23, 2017 (Tue); 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (tenative) ♦ Venue: Ahn Young Il Hall in LG-POSCO Building (6F) ♦ Participants: KUBS Freshmen Special Scholarship recipients KUBS Scholarship recipients KUBS New Student Scholarship recipients (will be announced soon) KUBS Dream Scholarship recipients Kowon Shimwoo Foundation Scholarship recipients ♦ Registration Period:  April 25, 2017 (Tue) - April 28, 2017 (Fri); 17:00   Registration   <Notes> * Dinner will be provided.  * A letter of confirmation will be provided to students who had to miss a class. * If you are unable to attend the event, submit your statement of reasons (one page) to the Department Office of Business Administration by May 8 (Mon); 17:00 * All scholarship recipients must write a thank you letter to donors and submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration by May 8 (Mon); if you cannot visit the office, send an email and attach your letter. - Information on scholarship donors can be found on the portal (KUPID) ※ KUPID → Scholarship Application → Scholarship → Scholarship/Student Loan Recipients    The purpose of this Scholarship Award Ceremony is to express gratitude to donors and maintain their support — and thus is a significant event. Students who do not follow the guidelines above may be excluded for the next semester's scholarship opportunities. Contact Us: Department Office of Business School (02-3290-1301, psy0514@korea.ac.kr)
Apr 25, 2017
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* [Undergraduate] Fall 2017 Double Major Application
Guidelines on Applying for Double Major, Fall 2017   Under the University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 4, Section3, Article 35 Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 6, Section 2, subsection 1 on Double Major   1. Eligibility 1) Applicants whose 1st major have already been designated are eligible to apply for double major 2) Applicants should have registered for more than 3 semesters. 3) Transfer students can apply after completing a minimum of one semester at Korea University. 4) KU students who are currently registered as of 2017 Spring semester 5) Students who are on leave of absence at the time of (or during) the application period will be disqualified even after being announced as successful applicants. 6) Students who are already in double major, interdisciplinary major, student-designed major and engineering authentication certificate program are NOT eligible to apply unless students withdraw from the program before  May 2th, 17:00pm 2017.  7) Application for withdrawal is available at KU Portal. Students in the engineering authentication program should apply directly at their department office for withdrawal. 8) Students who would like to cancel the acceptance of double major and pursue other programs should complete withdrawal procedure. Re-application to the double major can only be accepted once. 9) Failed applicants for double major should pursue a single intensive major.   2. Selection Criteria 1) Generally selection procedure can be based on applicants’ overall GPA, Interview, statement of purpose,..etc. Applications are reviewed by each department that applicants belong to. (Please refer to the attachment 1) 2) Applicants’ overall GPA including F grade is taken into consideration.   3. Application Procedure Application Period May 10th 10:00 ~ May 12th 17:00pm 2017 Please be advised that applicants should complete online application 1~hours prior to the deadline. Any late application due to technical problem of individual computer is NOT accepted.   4. How to Apply Online Application at (http://portal.korea.ac.kr)   5. Announcement of Successful Applicants 1) Date of Announcement: June 21th 14:00pm, 2017 (Tentative) 2) Please log in at (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) -> Bulletin->Notice->Undergraduate Schedule   6. Notes (1) The mandatory regulation of completing a second major is applied to students entering from 2004 onward. Student subject to this regulation must complete one of the followings; 1) intensive major course of first major 2)double major 3) interdisciplinary major 4)student-designed major. Applicant who is transferred with a bachelor’s degree from other universities can choose not to complete a second major. (2) Intensive major course of 1st major assumes a similar form to the existing single major system. (3) Among successful applicants, those only who retain the eligibility conditions during the application will be accepted to pursue Double Major from the following semester (4) Students are NOT allowed to double major in Law School, Department of Computer Science Education, Division of Computer and Communication Engineering, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Cyber Defense, College of Pharmacy. Department(s) /School(s) that student can not apply due to abolishment of majors. - College of Health Sciences (5) College of Health Science students who were admitted as freshman in 2006 ~2013 are NOT eligible to apply double major within the college. Students from other colleges/schools are limited to 1)Biomedical Engineering 2)Biosystem and Biomedical Science 3)Health and Environmental Science 4)Health and Policy Management within the College of Health Sciences. (6) Applicants to the business school, college of political science and economics, school of art and design, college of informatics and department of history education must submit ‘Statement of Purpose (study plan)’ of no longer than 1000 words. (7) Applicants must read carefully all regulations and instructions on Double Major. Refer to attachment 2. (8) Any questions related to curriculum and credit requirements of completing a double major should be directed to the relevant department or college.   2017. 4. 24. Academic Administration Division  
Apr 25, 2017
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* [Undergraduate] 2017 Summer Session Course Registration
2017 Summer Session Course Registration   1. Schedule Content Deadlines Comments Course Registration (Add/Drop Period) May 25th 10:00am ~ 29th 17:00pm   Tuition Payment May 31st 9:00am ~ June 4th 23:00pm Wire transfer to each student’s virtual account Course Cancellation and Tuition Refund Announcement June 12th   Course Registration after Course Cancellation* June 15th 9:00am ~ 16:30pm *Course Registration period for students whose course(s) is cancelled. Tuition Payment after Course Cancellation June 16th 9:00am ~ 23:00pm Tuition payment deadline for students whose course(s) has been cancelled. Summer Session Period June 22th ~ July 19th (4weeks) Classes are held 4 days a week. (Mon., Tue., Wed. and Thurs.) Course Withdrawal June 20th 10:00am ~ July 5th 23:00pm Application for withdrawal should be done at KUPID. See below on further details on withdrawal   2. Course Registration 1) Please log-in to see course list for summer session at http://sugang.korea.ac.kr -> Course Information. Course Information will be available from on May 15th (Mon). 2) Eligibility : KU undergraduate students, KU students who are on leave of absence and students from domestic credit exchange programs 3) Course Registration: Log-in at http://sugang.korea.ac.kr - KU students: Use student ID no. and Password to log-in - Domestic Exchange Student: Temporary KU ID and Password (last 7 digits of your Resident Registration no.) to log-in 4) Course Offering is based on KU academic operations regulation chapter 4. Regulation on winter/summer session course cancellation is set forth separately. 5) Guidelines for Course(s) and credit transfer - Student can take maximum of 6 credits during the summer session under the academic operations regulation Chapter49 section1. ​6) Grade(s) show under summer session which counts towards overall GPA in the academic transcript. 7) Students on leave of absence are NOT permitted to graduate even if she/he meets the graduation requirement upon the completion of summer session. 8) As for course(s) that require prerequisites, student must have completed required course prerequisites and have a grade before registering for an advanced course. 9) NOTES *Summer session is offered to students who wish to obtain extra credits outside of regular semester. *Students are NOT allowed to withdraw for personal reasons after the deadline given its short length of the program. Course Registration (ADD/DROP) is strictly limited to the deadline specified in the table. *Failure to meet the payment deadline results in the removal of student’s course information. Please be advised that students must follow specified deadlines for summer session schedule. *Since Spring of 2016, students from Sejong Campus are NOT permitted to repeat a course more than once.   3. Tuition Payment : Wire transfer at HANA bank through individual ‘virtual account’.   4. Announcement of Course Cancellation Cancellation of courses are notified at KU Portal on June 12th   5. Tuition Plan : 1 credit : 107,900KRW 2 credits : 215,800KRW 3credits : 323,700KRW   6. Course Withdrawal Period Refund 10:00 June 19th – 23:00 June 21st (Withdrawal before the session commencement) 100% 10:00 June 22th – 23:00 June 28th 2/3 of Tuition Paid 10:00 June 29th – 23:00 July 5th 1/2 of Tuition Paid Student(s) who wish to withdraw after the tuition payment deadline may receive a refund. Details of refund are as follows; *Students MUST apply for a withdrawal of course/tuition at PORTAL. *Refund process takes minimum of 2 weeks which will be wired to an account registered in student records   7. Class Schedule (50min. lecture and 10min. break) Period Time Period Time 1 9:00 - 9:50 5 13:00 - 13:50 2 10:00 - 10:50 6 14:00 - 14:50 3 11:00 - 11:50 7 15:00 - 15:50 4 12:00 - 12:50 8 16:00 - 16:50  
Apr 24, 2017
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