[Undergraduate] The 17th KUBS Buddy Recruitment
May 24, 2018
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KUBS has signed academic exchange agreements with 121 overseas universities from 33 countries, and is continuously promoting active exchange by sending and accepting numerous students. We are now recruiting the 17th KUBS Buddy members. For those who are interested, please refer to the information below:
1. What is KUBS Buddy?

1) Purpose:
  • An organization of KUBS students supporting KUBS exchange students
  • To increase the status as a worldwide prestigious university by providing continuous support and promotional services for international students.
 2) History: The first recruitment was held in 2010, and KUBS is in process of recruiting the 17th KUBS Buddy for the fall semester of 2018.
3) Recruitment Area:
  • Executive (budget, management, school jacket, book rental service)
  • Press (media planning for activities, photos, video, and Facebook group management)
  • Program (KUBS Buddy regular activities, orientation & MT planning and feedback)
4) Period: One year (2 consecutive semesters mandatory.
However, vacancy from military service is permitted)
5) General Body Meeting: Once a month (mandatory)
6) It is mandatory to participate in the regular activities at least 3 times

2. Eligibility
  • Any KUBS student can apply (Double major students are ineligible)
  • Willingness to provide assistance for international students (we also welcome those who are not fluent in English but have confidence and friendliness towards international students).
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Ability to carry on basic conversations in English / Ability to speak a second language (such as Chinese)
    • Proficient with editing software programs (Photoshop, Movie maker, etc.)
  • Junior and Seniors are also welcome
3. Details
  • Assisting in coordinating events regarding exchange student activities.
    (KUBS exchange student orientation planning and advertisement, monthly activity, etc.)
  • Helping KUBS exchange students adjust to life at KUBS
    (Each Korean student will be assigned with 3 to 4 international buddies considering their preferences of countries)
  • Increase the bond between Korean and exchange students by hosting minimum of 3~5 activities per semester.
  • Promoting online activities.
4. Recruitment Period & Process
  • Submission Period (Application Screening): May 26 (Sat) – June 8 (Fri); Midnight (* complete the application form is attached below)
  • Vacancies: 00 students
  • How to Apply: Complete the attached application form and send an e-mail to (save your application file name as “Name_Student ID Number_KUBSBUDDY”).
  •  Selection Process:
    • June 11(Mon): Announcement of Initial Screening Results (will be notified of interview date and time individually)
    • June 22 – 24 (Fri – Sun): Interview
    • June 25: Results released (each student will be contacted individually)
5. Benefits (must participate diligently for a year)
  • Extra points will be given when applying for exchange student programs and/or global internship programs
  • Certificate of Participation will be issued
6. Contact Information