[Undergraduate] February 2019 KUBS Commencement Ceremony - Graduate List and Cap & Gown Rental
Feb 11, 2019
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1. Modification of Korean/English Name for Degree Certificate (Only for ones who are graduating on February 2019)

- Korean/English Name can be seen here : KU Portal > Registration/Graduation > University Registration Inquiries (For English Name, should check capitals, spellings and spacings)
- As both Korean/English Name in Portal will be printed in Degree Certificate, one should check beforehand. It can not be modified after the certificate is released.
- If any modifications for one’s name is needed, should fill out ‘기재사항정정서 (Request form for modification of personal details)’ to until February 15 (Fri). (Students with a major in Business Adminsitration or dual degree students only; students with Business double major must contact the department office of the other major.)
- Important: Once the certification has been issued (on February 19), the details can not be updated or changed for any reasons.

2. February 2019 KUBS Commencement Ceremony

- Date: February 25 (Mon), 2019 at 2:00 pm (the ceremony runs approximately for 2 hours)
The Entire Korea University Commencement Ceremony will be taking place on the same day at Tiger Dome at 10:00 am (Please check KUPID for further information)
- Venue: Korea University Inchon Memorial Hall
- Eligible Attendees : Graduates of August 2018 and graduates of February 2019 (KUBS students including students with the dual degree)
- Registration: February 8 (Fri) ~ February 17 (Sun) ** Confirmation required for your attendance.
Register here to attend KUBS Commencement Ceremony

3. Graduation Gown, Stole, Wappen (An token granting to (Top) honors graduates) Pick-up
Payment Method for Graduation Gown Rental (MUST BE PAID PRIORLY THROUGH VIRTUAL ACCOUNT (Bank Transfer) / NOT ACCEPTING CASH)

Date Fee How to Pay Charges if lost
2.18(Mon) 10:00~
KUPID[정보생활/5th tab in KUPID Koren Version][학위가운대여(Gown Hire)] : Should check one’s virtual account
Pay fee through virtual account (Bank transfer)
KUPID[정보생활/5th tab in KUPID Koren Version][학위가운대여(Gown Hire)] : Print out [학위가운대여증]. Show ID Card to receive graduation gown

**[학위가운대여증]: Graduation gown rent receipt
For further details, please see the notice posted on the KUPID

Target Schedule Category Location Notes
Graduation Gown Hire
Wood Dang Hall #102, #105
Hana Square Gallery
Graduation Gown Hire
Hana Square Gallery Hana Square (only) due to outage at Humanities and Social science campus
Graduation Gown Hire Nokji Ground(Tiger Dome in case of rain)  
Graduation Gown Return Wood Dang Hall #102, #105
Hana Square Gallery
Stole Distribution Nokji Ground(Tiger Dome in case of rain) Distribution before ceremony(First-come-first-served basis)
Wappen (Badge) Distribution Nokji Ground(Tiger Dome in case of rain) Distribution before ceremony
2.26(Tue) ~ Graduation Gown Hire Not available  
Return Main Building night duty room
Stole Distribution Administrative Office for each Department Leftovers from 2.25 Distribution
Wappen (Badge) Distribution Administrative Office for each Department Leftovers from 2.25

-Target: 2018 August, 2019 February Graduates (students who have completed but yet graduated or not qualified for graduation are not allowed to rent graduation gown)
- When returning -academic gowns, a return stamp should be sealed on the [Graduation gown hire card]Receipt of diploma at the Department Administrative Office
- If graduation gowns are not returned, it is not allowed to receive the diploma and issuance of any certificate will not be available after March 31, 2019.
- [학위가운대여증] should be kept as an original copy or as a photo copy until identifying individual’s certificate verification after 2019 March 31

◎ Stole                                                 ◎ Wappen for (Top) Honor Graduates


4. Certification Pick-ups
Date Time Location
February 25(Mon) 15:00~17:00 Lobby of KUBS Main Building 1F
After February 26(Tue) 10:00~16:30 KUBS Main Building #103 Administrative Office

- Target: August 2018 Graduate, February 2019 Graduate
- If you are a business dual degree student, you must receive your diploma from the department office of the other degree.
- Identification card, [학위가운대여증](along with stamped “returned”)
- Receipt of a representative is possible, but receipt as mail is not possible. In case of receipt of a representative, ID card of the graduate student, ID card of representative, and a power of attorney(free-form) is required
- If you are not available to pick up your certification, you can specify someone else to pick it up for you (a copy of the graduate’s ID card, ID card of proxy, and "Power of Attorney" are required). Note that the School does not send certifications by post.
- Please note that re-issuance of graduation certificate is NOT allowed.
- Diplomas can be issued at One-Stop Center starting from February 25 (02-3290-1144).
- Degree certificates for Graduates before 2018 August can be received after February 26(Tue) at
KUBS Main Building #103 Administrative Office.

5. Graduation Photo Album

Further information will be announced via KUPID or KUBS Website.