[Undergraduate] New LAW Course Opening From 2018
Jan 31, 2018
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Followed by the abolition of College of Law from Spring 2018, “School of Law” commences courses for undergraduate students.

1. How to search for new courses (

  A. Major subject: search from ‘법학전문대학원(관)’ (NOT from ‘College of Law’)

  B. General subject: search from ‘General Studies’ > ‘Major-related Elective’

2. Note

A. Additional course open

  ‘Constitutional Law’ and ‘Civil Law’ open, as requested by students.

B. Course title revised - ‘Corporation Law 2’

  -‘Corporation Law 2’ has been revised to ‘Commercial Law’ (JURA301)

  -‘Commercial Law’ is a cohesive course combining ‘General Principles of Commercial Law and the Law of Commercial Transactions’ and ‘Wechsel-Scheckrecht’, and it will be acknowledged as a cognate course.

  -Please note that if you have selected ‘Corporation Law 2’ on the preferred course list system, it has been automatically updated to ‘Commercial Law’.

School of Law Administrative Office