KUBS Career Hub will offer 1:1 Career Advising sessions during winter break.
For those interested in applying, please see the instructions and schedule below.

Period: January – February 2017

Topic 1: Career Consultation for Freshmen and Sophomores
- Recruiting trends and job preparation
- Tips for writing job applications
- Company analysis

Topic 2: Resume Clinic for the Upcoming Job Recruitment in 2017
- Structuring your cover letter
- Analyzing job application questions
- Proofreading

Topic 3: Interview Clinic for the Upcoming Job Recruitment in 2017
- Writing expected interview questions and answers
- Videotaping a mock interview and then check your behavioral interviewing skills
How to Apply: Name/Student Number/Phone/Available Time (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM); Choose one topic and  send an email to
* If you already have your resume and cover letter which include your career path and interest, please send it to us as well.

Contact Us: KUBS Career Hub 02-3290-2700,