December 2 (Fri) – 6 (Tue)
  • CEMS Business Trip 
December 7 (Wed)
  • Luncheon meeting with KUBS faculty 
December 8 (Thu)
  • MBA Academic Director Meeting
  • Meeting on alumni DB
  • Meeting with AMP academic director and associate director
  • Participated in Graduation Ceremony of Hall Group Executive Education
December 9 (Fri)
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting 
December 12 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Luncheon meeting on startup with executive at Samsung Venture Investment
  • Meeting on BK21
  • Participated in Year-End Night of AMP Alumni Association 
December 13 (Tue)
  • Area Chairs’ Meeting
  • Pre-meeting on KUBS Faculty Meeting
  • Participated in Seok-Top Teaching Award Ceremony 
December 14 (Wed)
  • KUBS Faculty Meeting
  • Dinner with former and new Management Teams
  • Participated in Year-End Night of KCEO Alumni Association
December 15 (Thu)
  • Meeting with BK research faculty 
December 17 (Sat)
  • Delivered congratulatory remarks at Information Session for Successful Candidates of Early Admission
  • Participated in E-MBA Year-End Night 
December 19 (Mon)
  • KUBS staff employment interview – Information System
  • KUBS staff employment interview – Public Relations
  • Management Team Meeting 
December 20 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with KUBS faculty
  • KUBS Staff Year-End Event 
December 21 (Wed)
  • Meeting with Coreana Cosmetics Sang Ok Yu
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting 
December 22 (Thu)
  • Meeting with KUBS Public Relations
  • Participated in Startup Gathering Day
  • Participated in Year-End Night of KUBS Alumnae Association 
December 23 (Fri)
  • Luncheon with KUBS faculty 
December 26 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting 
December 28 (Wed)
  • Interview by Hosangji (KUBS Alumni Association’s magazine)
  • Participated in KUBS Academy
  • Dinner with KUBS faculty 
December 29 (Thu)
  • Donation by Yangyoung Foundation
  • Meeting with KUBS invited faculty
  • Participated in KMBA Night
December 30 (Fri)
  • Farewell luncheon with resigned staff