April 1 (Sat)
  •  Meeting with officers of KUBS Alumni Association
April 3 (Mon)
  • Meeting on KUBS programs for KUBS Alumni Association
  • Meeting with president of KMBA Alumni Association
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS staff
  • Meeting on environmental design with expert
April 4 (Tue)
  • Meeting with Management Team of the Department of Economics
  • Meeting on accounting
April 5 (Wed)
  • Meeting with KUBS alumni
  • Meeting with president of AMP Alumni Association
April 6 (Thu)
  • Meeting on KUBS advertisement
  • Meeting KUBS alumni
April 7 (Fri) - 8 (Sat)
  • Expanded Management Team Meeting and KUBS Retreat
April 10 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
April 11 (Tue)
  • Area Chairs' Meeting
  • Meeting on EFMD Accreditation
  • Dinner with KUBE
April 12 (Wed)
  • Meeting with KUBS alumni
April 13 (Thu)
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Meeting on KUBS event
  • Attended "Faculty-Student Mentoring Day"
  • Meeting with IBRE Director
  • Dinner with KUBS adjunct professor
April 14 (Fri)
  • Meeting with KUBS alumni 
  • Granted emeritus an audience
  • EMBA Care Program Special Lecture

April 17 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Attended a funeral service for mother of officer of KUBS Alumni Association
April 18 (Tue)
  • Attended KU 4.18 Memorial Event
  • Congratulatory speech at Lecture Series hosted by KUBS Startup Institute

April 19 (Wed)
  • Meeting with KUBS alumni
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
  • Meeting with vice president of KUBS Alumni Association
April 20 (Thu)
  • KUBS Dean's Cup Golf Tournament 
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
April 21 (Fri)
  • Hosted lunched with Professor E. Han Kim from the University of Michigan
  • Delivered appreciation plaque to Head Kyung Mi Hwang who was designed Hyundai Motor Hall

April 22 (Sat) - 29 (Sat)
  • Business trip
April 29 (Sat)
  • Congratulatory speech at completion ceremony of executive education "Shinhan Bank RM Prestige"

April 30 (Sun)
  • Meeting with KUBS alumni