August 3 (Thu)
  • Preparation meeting for retirement
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Meeting with KUBS student
  • Meeting with KUBS staff 
 August 4 (Fri)
  • Meeting with donor
 August 5 (Sat) - August 7 (Mon)
  • Business trip to Jakarta, Indonesia
    (Meeting with Dean of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia regarding partnership) 
 August 8 (Tue)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS Leadership Team and KUBS Startup Institute 
 August 9 (Wed)
  •  Meeting with prospective donor
 August 10 (Thu)
  • Meeting with KUBS staff
  • Luncheon with new KUBS staff
  • Preparation meeting for KUBS Futurum - Asia Trilateral Seminar
 August 14 (Mon)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting and luncheon 
 August 16 (Wed)
  • Luncheon with donors
  • Dinner with donors 
 August 17 (Thu)
  •  Launched KUBS Futurum – Asia Trilateral Seminar 
 August 18 (Fri)
  • CEMS Forest Project
  • Attended MBA Graduation Ceremony
  • Scholarship interview
  • Meeting and dinner with KUBS students
 August 21 (Mon)
  • Attended Executive Education Program Induction Ceremony (CJ CheilJedang Global Leadership Program)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
 August 22 (Tue) - August 23 (Wed)
  •  Attended Committee for Academic Affairs Retreat
 August 23 (Wed)
  • Attend the 1st Annual Board Meeting of Korean Business Schools 
 August 25 (Fri)
  • Luncheon with KUBS faculty
  • Hosted Retirement Ceremony for Prof. Seoil Chaiy, Prof. Jin Kyu Lee, and Prof. Kwan Hee Yoo
  • Attended Executive Education Program (CJ CheilJedang Global Leadership Program) Completion Ceremony
August 28 (Mon)
  • Meeting with faculty at foreign university
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS staff
  • Meeting with AMP Alumni Association
  • Attended the 83rd AMP Graduation Ceremony
 August 30 (Wed)
  • Meeting and luncheon with ambassador of McDonnell International Scholars Academy, Washing University in St. Louis 
  • Meeting with winner (KUBS student) of National College Student Debate Competition
  • Attended KU Alumni Association Scholarship Awards Ceremony 
 August 31 (Thu)
  • Meeting and dinner with KCEO Alumni Association