December 4 (Mon)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • ​Attended MBA Alumni Night to celebrate 54th Anniversary of KUBS MBA Programs' Founding and delivered congratulatory remarks
December 5 (Tue)
  • Launched KUBS Futurum – 2018 Analysis on Economic Outlook and Business Environment

December 6 (Wed)
  • Budget meeting with KUBS staff
  • Luncheon with KUBS staff
  • Attended Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
  • KUBS staff employment interview
December 7 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with Visiting Professor Yong-duk Kim
  • Attended the 37th KUBS Alumni Night and delivered Academic Report

December 8 (Fri)
  • Scholarship meeting with KUBS staff
  • Meeting on KUBS staff hiring
  • Meeting on KUBS Startup Institute
  • 2017 Startup Express - Winter Season: Congratulatory remarks and award ceremony

December 9 (Sat)
  • Luncheon with KUBS Alumnae Association (KUBS Ladies)
  • Attended the 15th Class of KUBS Executive MBA's Year-End Party

December 11 (Mon)
  • Attended a discussion meeting invited by KU President
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • Attended KUBS Alumni Mentoring Day
  • Meeting with KMBA student
December 12 (Tue)
  • KUBS Area Chairs' Meeting
  • Attended the 30th AMP Award Ceremony and Donors Night and delivered congratulatory remarks

December 13 (Wed)
  • KUBS Faculty Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Meeting with student
December 15 (Fri)
  • Meeting and luncheon with Short-term Visiting Professor Hun Tong Tan
  • Meeting with KUBS CEO Academy Alumni Association President Jinhyun Lee
  • Meeting with students of KUBS Ladies
December 16 (Sat)
  • Attended Executive MBA Alumni Night and delivered congratulatory remarks

December 18 (Mon)
  • Attended 2017 Website Competition Award Ceremony - Awarded "User-friendly Website Design"

December 19 (Tue)
  • Participated in "Eat Breakfast and Study at Library" Project
  • Joined new faculty candidate interview by KU President
December 20 (Wed)
  • Attended Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
  • Attended Completion Ceremony of Executive Education (Korea University-Halla Business School III)

December 21 (Thu)
  • Attended "Tracing Back the History from the Source of Korea University (Jogyesa)" event
  • Attended KUBS Staff Year End Party
December 22 (Fri)
  • KUBS staff employment interview
  • Attended the 32nd Business Alumni Night to celebrate the 53th Anniversary of KUBS CEO Academy and delivered congratulatory remarks
  • Attended KMBA Night

December 23 (Sat)
  • 2018 KUBS Admitted Student Information Session

December 26 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with KUBS professor emeritus
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • Meeting with KUBS Public Relations Office staff
December 27 (Wed)
  • Meeting and luncheon with students
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Yang Young Foundation Donation Ceremony
  • Meeting on faculty retreat with KUBS staff
  • Attended KUBS Startup Institute's Year-End Party