February 1 (Wed) - 11 (Sat)
  • Attended 2017 EFMD Conference for Dean and Director

  • Visited universities in the U.S. for partnership 
February 13 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Research Fellow Committee Meeting
  • Granted officers of AMP Alumni Association an audience
  • Attended AMP Graduation Ceremony 
February 14 (Tue)
  • MOU with Hyundai Motor Company
  • Luncheon with KUBS staff 
February 15 (Wed)
  • Adjunct Professor Appointment Ceremony
  • Luncheon with KUBS staff 
February 16 (Thu)
  • Attended Korea University Faculty Seminar 
February 17 (Fri)
  • Granted officers of KCEO Alumni Association an audience
  • Attended KCEO Graduation Ceremony
February 18 (Sat)
  • Attended Executive MBA On-Campus Orientation
  • Attended S³ Asia MBA Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation

February 20 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting
  • Attended New International Student Orientation
  • Attended New Student Orientation

  • Dinner with officers of Korea MBA Alumni Association 
February 21 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with Committee for Academic Affairs
  • Meeting with faculty 
February 22 (Wed)
  • Attended KUBS Academy
  • Released a report on Iljin Center to Iljin Group delegation

  • Meeting with KUBS valedictorian

  • Attended a funeral service for KUBS professor's family member 
February 23 (Thu)
  • Filmed a promo video for AMP Alumni Association Orientation 
  • Luncheon meeting with vice president of KUBS Alumni Association
  • Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting 
February 25 (Sat)
  • KUBS Commencement Ceremony 

February 27 (Mon)
  • Management Team Meeting 
February 28 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with KUBS staff
  • Attended AMP Alumni Association's annual meeting and inaugural ceremony of new president