November 1 (Wed)
  • Meeting with KUBS industry cooperation focused professors
November 2 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with KUBS staff
November 3 - 5 (Fri)
  • Business trip to Osaka, Japan 
November 6 (Mon)
  • Meeting with donor (Coreana Cosmetics Director Sang Ok Yoo) 
 November 7 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with BK21 Plus research professors
November 8 (Wed)
  •  Attended Committee for Academic Affairs Meeting
 November 9 (Thu)
  • Meeting with KUBS faculty
  • Dinner with KUBS industry cooperation focused professors
 November 10 (Fri)
  •  Luncheon with President of Korea MBA Alumni Association (Dong-ki Shin)
 November 13 (Mon)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting 
 November 14 (Tue)
  • Meeting with ISCTE Business School (Portugal) Dean José Paulo Esperança
  • KUBS Area Chairs' Meeting
  • Meeting with student winner in "Higher Education in Korea Contest"
  • Meeting with CEMS students
  • Attended 2017 Special Graduate School Alumni Association's Alumni Day
November 15 (Wed)
  •  Luncheon with KU College of Informatics Dean Hyuk Yoo
 November 16 (Thu)
  • Hosted KUBS Professor Emeritus Luncheon
  • Meeting on KUBS Startup Institute
  • Meeting on EA-DBA Program
  • Meeting with KUBS CEO Alumni Association President Jinhyun Lee and Secretary Kwang-mo Jung
  • Welcomed participating donors who attended Fall 2017 Scholarship Award Ceremony
  • Fall 2017 Scholarship Award Ceremony
November 17 (Fri)
  • Luncheon with Asiatic Research Institute Korea University Director Jong-Wha Lee
  • Meeting with "Eroom," officers of the 51st KUBS Student Council
  • Attended KUBS KUBS Ladies Night
 November 20 (Mon)
  • KUBS Leadership Team Meeting
  • Meeting on HR with KUBS staff
  • Farewell party with KUBS Leadership Team
November 21 (Tue)
  • Meeting on KU Business Journal with KUBS staff
  • Meeting with officers of the KUBS Entering Class of '86
 November 22 (Wed)
  • Attended KUBS CEO KUBS Academy
  • Meeting on KU Business Journal with KUBS staff
  • Luncheon with KU Alumni Association President Haksoo Lee
  • Congratulatory dinner on EMBA 2017 FT Rankings
 November 23 (Thu)
  •  Attended Unveiling Ceremony of Digital Donors Wall
 November 24 (Fri)
  • Appointment Ceremony for non-full-time faculty (joint appointment and industry cooperation focused professors)
  • Meeting with KUBS CEO Academy Alumni Association Executive Vice President and Program Director Hyoung Koo Moon
  • Attended the 7th KUBS GMBA Alumni's Night
November 25 (Sat) - December 1 (Fri)
  •  Business trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
    - Attended CEMS Graduation Ceremony
    - Visited University of Melbourne and discussed on exchange partnership agreement with Dean Paul Kofman