Donation Story

Alumnus Myung-Ho Seung (International Trade, ’74), chairman of Dongwha Group, donates 1.5 billion KRW to KUBS
Donates a total of KRW 3 billion, including fund for the development of Korea University … Will be devoted to the KUBS Development Fund and the KUBS Support for Business Startups
Dongwha Group chairman Myung-Ho Seung (International Trade, ’74) has made a 3 billion won donation to support the development of his alma mater. On February 5, Jaeho Yeom (KU President), Dong-One Kim (KUBS Dean), Byung-Hyun Yoo (Vice President for Development and External Affairs/Capital Planning), Myung-Ho Seung (Dongwha Group Chairman), Hongjin Kim (Cheif Executive Officer and Director of Dongwha Group), and Gyeongseop Min (Director for Financial Planning and Human Resources of Donghwa Group) attended the Korea University Development Fund Ceremony at the headquarters office of Dongwha.
The funds, contributed by Chairman Seung, will be devoted to the development of Korea University and the KUBS Support for Business Startups for KUBS students. As a token of gratitude and honor, Startup Support Center will be named after Chairman Seung, and its construction is scheduled to be completed in September 2016. In addition, KUBS also has pledged to report the details of the usage of the funds on an annual basis 
in order to inform Dongwha Group of how the funds contribute to the school development and the students- the prospective global talents. This continued interactions will be formed between KUBS and the company in order to make an investment for students.
“As Dongwha Group carries out the principle of loving alma mater, KUBS will nurture talented individuals with creativity and challenge-driven,” said KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim. “We greatly appreciate the donation we received from Dongwha Group that puts business management into practice for society.”
Meanwhile, Chairman Seung has already donated a number of
occasions totaling over 650 million KRW in the past, showing consistent love to his alma mater.