Donation Story

Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ‘57), chairman of Iljin Group, donated 2 billion KRW for the KUBS Support for Business Startups
Educational services and center construction for students who dream of starting their own startups … Startup Support Center is scheduled to be completed in September.

KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim, left, and Iljin Group CEO Dong-Seop Lee
Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ‘57), chairman of Iljin Group, has made a 2 billion won donation to support the development of his alma mater. On November 13, 2015, Dong-One Kim (KUBS Dean), Hosun Rhim (Associate Dean), Seung-Weon Yoo (Associate Dean), Myeong-Hyeon Cho (Associate Dean ), Dongseop Lee (President of Iljin Group), Tae-Hyung Kim (Executive Director of Iljin Group), and Yoonju Lee (Managing Director of Iljin Group) were present at the fund ceremony.
The funds, contributed by Iljin Group, will be devoted to the development of Korea University. The funds will be also used to construct Startup Support Center and to provide educational services of business startups in efforts to foster talented KUBS students. The construction for Startup Support Center, which will be named after Iljin Group, is schedule to be completed in September.
“The funds will be utilized to provide educational services and support for business startups for KUBS students,” said KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim. “We will do our absolute best to cultivate talented individuals with challenge-driven from Startup Support Center that is named after Iljin Group.”