Donation Story

Tradition for Donation
Warm, Hand-in-hand Donation to KUBS

Korea has the world's 12th largest GDP, but ranks 62nd in terms of donations. Many say that although Korea has long become a country that provides aid to other countries, the culture of donation and sharing in Korea has not been so popularized. Despite the unfamiliar perception of donations, Korea University, especially KUBS, continues its unique donation culture.
At KUBS, active donations are made every year based on the love for the alma mater and its “family” spirit. The donation culture is always completed by showing respect to the donors.
The LG-POSCO Building, for the first time in Korea, has a lecture room named after the donor, and each chair has a donor’s name on it. The purpose of this is to let students learn about their love and return later what he or she received.
In addition, the Office of Development & External Affairs of Korea University, which oversees the fund-raising as a whole, releases the names and amounts of donors through media such as Korea University News Weekly.
Warm, Hand-in-hand Donation to KUBS
KUBS is offering students the opportunity to focus on their studies without financial difficulties through KUBS scholarships. The scholarship funds collected at KUBS over the past two years from the second semester of 2016 are about 3.093 billion won. 1,063 students have received scholarships from KUBS over the past two years.
KPMG Samjong Alumni Association (Chairman: Yang Seung-yeol, KUBS ‘83) - 100 million Won
About 230 accountants who graduated from Korea University and are working at KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. gathered together to raise funds. They have agreed to donate a total of 100 million won for the next five years. The fund will be used to support students who are interested in becoming accountants in the future. "We hope our future generations will grow up to become accountants while studying in a better environment," said Yang Seung-yeol. "We will continue to provide our support so that our alma mater can make a bigger leap forward."
Chung Mong-jin (KUBS ’79), Chairman of KCC - 100 million Won
The donation of 100 million won delivered by Chairman Chung will be used as a scholarship fund for the MnJ Foundation. Chung Mong-jin has donated scholarships to KUBS via scholarships for the MnJ Foundation.
Lee Sun-yong (KUBS ‘80), CEO of Asian Star - 50 million Won
Lee Sun-yong, CEO of Asian Star, donated 50 million won for the development of her alma mater. "I want to give many of the help I've received so far for KUBS students before it's too late," said Lee.
KUBS ‘86 Alumni Association - 50 million Won
KUBS ’86 Alumni Association raised about 360 million won to mark the 25th anniversary of its admission at the KUBS Alumni Night in 2011. The association has continued to make continuous donations, raising 50 million won this year as well.
GS Group Chairman, Huh Chang-soo (KUBS ‘67) - 300 million Won
The Namchon Scholarship is a scholarship fund by GS Group CEO Huh Chang-soo in support of the late GS Engineering & Construction Honorary Chairman Huh Joon-koo, who was interested in fostering young talents. The Namchon Foundation, which has continued its donations since 2005, donated an additional 300 million won in 2018, raising 3.53 billion won cumulatively.
Lee Hwa-young, Professor Lee Sang-hoon's eldest daughter - 50 million Won
Lee Hwa-young, the eldest daughter of the late Professor Lee Sang-hoon, the first Dean of KUBS, donated 50 million won to the KUBS Development Fund. "It's still vivid that I played with my father, Professor Lee, at the university's main building," Lee said at the donation ceremony, "So I wanted to do something worthwhile."
Vice-Chairman Cho Duk-hee (Soam Scholarship) - 70 million Won
Cho Deok-hee, the wife of the late Cho Pung-eon (KUBS ’59), donated 70 million won in the name of the Soam Scholarship. The Soam Scholarship was organized by Cho Poong-eon to promote the academic passion of KUBS students and his wife Cho Deok-hee has continued his will ever since he passed away. She has donated 70 million won this time, and has now surpassed 1 billion won cumulatively.
Yoon Min-woong (KUBS ‘99) - 20 million Won
Yoon Min-woong, CEO of the student community “Su Man-hwi” and the publishing company TENBALL STORY, donated 20 million won. "After I was discharged from the military, I received two scholarships from KUBS," he said. "I wanted to return the money with some interests."
Kim Byung-chae (KUBS ‘77), CEO of Poinix Inc. - 50 million Won
Kim Byung-chae, CEO of Poinix Inc., donated 50 million won and said, "I had an intention to participate in the development of KUBS. I hope it will be used wherever necessary for my alma mater and its students." Poinix Inc. was established in 2003 and is a road-packaging company that specializes in traffic noise reduction technology based on a double-decker packaging structure using a radial-type SBS reformation agent.
Kim Hong-mae, CEO of Dongwon Phoenix - 100 million Won
Kim Hong-mae (MSP 76th), donated 100 million won in scholarship funds to KUBS. Kim is currently the president of the KUBS Alumni Association and also the vice president of KU Alumni Association. "I wanted to help nurture future talents that contribute to society," said CEO Kim. "I hope more students will be able to focus on what they want to do through this scholarship."
Euh Yoon-dae (KUBS ‘63), Honorary Professor - 50 million Won
The donation will be named "Euh Yoon-dae Friendship Scholarship" and will be used to assist the airfare of outbound exchange students to the University of Michigan. Euh Yoon-dae, an honorary professor at KUBS, also served as the 15th President of Korea University in 2003 and worked on the "Global KU Project.”
Seo Young-yul (KUBS ‘69), Chairman of Pratama Abati – 300 million Won
Seo Young-yul, Chairman of Pratama Abati, donated 300 million won for KUBS students. Chairman Seo said, "I will provide support so that more students can focus on studying." Pratama Abati, which marked the 30th anniversary, is creating jobs and acquiring foreign currency through the manufacture of OEMs for Nike shoes in Indonesia.
Yoo Hwi-sung (KUBS ‘58) - 200 million Won
Yoo Hwi-sung (KUBS ‘58) will support a KUBS professor who conducts world-class research with Insung Research Fund of 200 million won, which was first raised from the disposal of 2.2 billion won worth of his real estate in September 2017. Yoo has donated a large sum of money twice before. The first donation was made in April 2011 with 1 billion won for the construction of Hyundai Motor Hall, and the second was made in July 2015 by depositing 1.2 billion won to Korea University headquarter. "You have to give it when you can, so that you can leave without thirst when you die," said Yoo.
Chang Jyh-ping (KUBS ‘79), CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea - 500 million Won
Chang Jyh-ping, CEO of Astronergy Solar Korea, donated 500 million won in scholarships for KUBS students and said he wanted to help his alma mater, Korea University, as a graduate. Chang established Astronergy Solar Korea in 2009 and took office as its CEO. Since 2015, he has served as an adjunct professor and advisor at KUBS and also as the 84th class president of the KUBS AMP program.
INFAC CEO, Choi Oh-gil (KUBS ‘61) - 30 million Won
INFAC CEO, Choi Oh-gil (KUBS ‘61), donated 30 million won to the KUBS Dream Scholarship, a scholarship fund for living expenses at KUBS. Delivering the scholarship, CEO Choi said, "I hope that the scholarship will help the talent of KUBS students move toward their dreams without worrying about their living expenses." INFAC is known for its outstanding technology and quality management, and is the world's leading manufacturer of automotive parts in the GPS antenna sector.
E-MBA Alumni Association, 30 million Won (+α)
30 million won (+α) was donated by the Executive MBA Alumni Association. By October 15, 2018, E-MBA graduates had joined together to deliver a huge fund for the development of KUBS and its E-MBA program. “We sincerely hope that the donation will do a lot of work for Korea University and E-MBA,” said Yoon Yeo-dong, a former head of the association.
Vice-Chairman of KTB Investment & Securities Co., Lee Byung-chul (KUBS ‘06) - 20 million Won
Lee Byung-chul, Vice Chairman of KTB Investment & Securities Co., donated 20 million won in scholarships with his affection for KUBS and its students. Starting with this donation, the vice-chairman vowed to continue his support for KUBS. Lee's donation will be used to help KUBS students grow into the leaders of Korea.