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One and a half internship in the company has been quietly passed unconsciously, take a time, find a mood, quietly experience, and seriously summarize the internship experience, is the internship life regulation, and is also the future can better carry out the work of the necessary premise.
The first feeling of coming to the company is youthful. Many of them are from the same generation born in the 1980s, which makes the company younger and the cultural atmosphere makes people feel comfortable and more natural to communicate. In the current social reality, only by bringing forth the old and keeping pace with The Times can we take advantage of the market economy system with rapid development. My major is management. I have accumulated a lot of professional knowledge in school, and I have a good way of thinking. Although the learned knowledge in practice, rarely used, but also useful in the company's production activities, I am learning in school and even have more involved in the previous work, should be in the later work actively play their this knowledge, make up for the inadequacy of the existing, to improve adverse phenomenon, make the company work in this respect do better.
As an employee, you should be responsible, take the company as your own business, and combine the company's career with your own career. Whatever you do, do it actively. A lot of my work in this field is related to security, and I often receive documents and tasks from the higher authorities. Therefore, I should do it in a timely manner and cooperate with colleagues. In the work to calm down to do a good job, correct attitude, the development of the company to pride, the company backward for shame. The power of one person is very small, but as long as everyone can regard the enterprise of the company as his own enterprise, the company will be in the same industry or even other industries can constantly improve the rank, so that the company grows bigger and stronger.
I think the company's management system is different from some other big companies. Every year, many enterprises go bankrupt because of poor management. Therefore, good management is the foundation for enterprises to achieve long-term benign management. Therefore, I think the leadership should frequently contact and communicate with the most basic staff, understand what the staff wants and needs, and realize the real effective management, so that the enterprise can achieve the effect of a call for action and a ban at any time of crisis, so that the enterprise becomes a strong and powerful whole. Employees are the core of the survival and development of the enterprise. The quality of employees directly determines the development potential of the enterprise, and the enthusiasm of employees reflects the vitality of the enterprise. Having a group of high-quality employees is the fundamental of the long-term survival and development of the enterprise and leading the industry. I think the management of employees should adhere to the principle of people-oriented, clear rewards and punishments, openness and transparency, and give full play to the subjective initiative of employees.
Give employees an environment where they can talk about how they feel about themselves and the company. Establish a good communication mechanism with employees, so that employees can contribute Suggestions for the development of the enterprise. In addition, necessary places for rest and recreation should be established to enrich the spare time of employees, so that employees can better communicate and communicate in their spare time, so that work can be easily lost and quickly carried out, and the result can be twice the result with half the effort.
The supervision of employees shall be people-oriented. When the employee violates the rules and makes mistakes, he/she should criticize and correct him/her sincerely. The employee should be encouraged more, and the employee should not see any mistakes. The employee should be dragged to criticize. Give the staff speaking space to motivate each other and play the role of role models.

In the future work, I will continue to work hard, learn constantly, learn from each other, improve my working ability, and make some achievements for the development of the company. I hope that the company can seize the market opportunity in the fierce competition, flourish and achieve the goal of a century famous enterprise!