Online Application Schedule:
Undergraduate/MS/MBA: July 11 (Wed) 10:00am - July 17 (Tue) 11:50am
***After the deadline (starting from 11:51 am), online application will be closed automatically.
Online Application Menu:
(Undergraduate, MS, E/K/FMBA) > 프로그램 > 국제프로그램 > 교환학생 > Outbound(from KUBS) > 교환학생 지원하기

Documents Submission: turn them in to International Office (Business Main Building 304)
Turn them in by July 17 (Tue) 16:00 (4pm)
*** Please read list of documents and related notice before you submit them.

List of Exchange Universities:
The list will be finalized on July 11 (Wed) 10:00 am. Please double check them.  

<Attention (Must-read!!!)>

Online Application and Document Submission:

1. Online application and consent form cannot be edited after submission, so please use “save” function
→ Double check inserted content and uploaded file 
→ Click “
→ Sign written pledge (second page of application): can be printed after submission
→ Sublimit printed online application, written pledge and other documents to International Office 

2.  All the uploaded and submitted documents should be in doc. or pdf. file (If there are several other documents, please gather and upload them in one file)
→ English transcript and proof of enrollment should be issued from One-stop center and scanned to upload.
→ Upload passport page of photo and personal information (please sign the signature page)

 *** Do not upload written pledge (second page of online application)

3. If you need an original copy of proof of activities, bring 1 set of copy when you turn the documents in.

→ Check with an original copy at International Office. 
→ Turn in copied documents.

4. If you don’t have original TOEFL score report:

→ (Schools you apply to does not require TOEFL score but if you t want to use the score for internal selection) You only need to turn in copy of score report (Capture of online score page)
→ If the school that you apply for require TOEFL score, you must turn in original score report by the interview date.

5. If your name on TOEFL score report and passport are different:
→ Attach post-it note on TOEFL score report stating “ex: “On your passport: HONG GIL DONG, TOEFL score report: Gil-dong Hong”.
→ (Name on the TOEFL score report cannot be edited. So you must notify us if the spelling of your name does not match between your passport and TOEFL score report.

6. English name on all other English documents and passport must match.
→ If you need to change your English name on portal, contact KUBS Outbound Program Manager (Call 02-3290-1389 or visit International Office) and change your name.

7. If you find out you made a mistake on your English name after submitting online application, change English name on your account first and print out new documents to resubmit them on your interview date.

8. TOEFL score report must be valid until the starting date of your exchange program.

→ Must check the validation date of TOEFL score report on each school’s website.

10. When deadline approaches, online system can be slowed down due to heavy flow of applicants. Please submit it in advance.
Completing Online application:

1. Average of the grades of the two most recent semesters: automatic calculation system
→ The student’s average grade will be measured as such:

{(GPA in their second to last semester x number of credits) + (GPA in their last semester x number of credits)}/ total number of credits taken

ex) If the student has taken 16 credits with a GPA of 3.5 in 2015-1 and 18 credits with a GPA of 3.8 in 2015-2
Weighted average: {(3.5 x 16 credits) + (3.8 x 18 credits)} / (16+18)credits = 3.66
-> The weighted average will be rounded to 2 decimal places.

2. Students who are looking to apply to schools that only accept 3rd and 4th year students should be in their second semester of their 2nd year or in the second semester of their 3rd year before going on the exchange program.
→  Schools that only accept 4th year students will only take applications from students who are in the first semester of their fourth year when applying.

3. Students are not required to fill in all five slots of preferred schools; students are advised to apply to schools that they wish to visit.

4. Email: Students are recommended to use gmail domain.
→ Applications under the domain, ‘’ have often been spammed.

→ Students who use ‘’ will not be able to receive messages that are sent out to more than 25 recipients and hence, there is a chance student will not be able to receive notifications from their exchange schools.
→ Applications under the domain ‘’ is susceptible to errors or can be spammed.
→ Applications under the domain ‘’ is susceptible to errors or can be spammed.

5. It is crucial that students record their phone numbers correctly

→ If the student changes his/her mobile number during the semester, she/he must notify the International Office immediately.

Dispatched exchange students:

1. Students who are already on their exchange program, must submit their application forms online and submit required documents.
→ Students will be graded on their submitted documents and their previous interview scores.
→ Students must submit the original copies of their report card, certification of enrollment, and TOEFL grade reports.
→ We will contact the students individually when assigning schools during the 3rd application phase.
Confirmation of application:

1. Students can check whether their applications have been confirmed on the application website.
 Therefore, please avoid calling the office to confirm application.

Notice on Interview Date Placement: KUBS Homepage→ International Program → Outbound (from KUBS) → Notice

1.  July 24 (Tue) 16:00 

→ Korean and English Interview: August 2 & August 3 13:00~16:30
2. Phone interview request (Only available for students who are participating in overseas internship, volunteer work or official school event)

→ Before submitted online application, you must check the possibility of phone interview by sending email to 
3. Phone interview placement notice:
→ July 31 (Tue), Students will be notified through email.

***If students do not participate in interview, they will be excluded from the selection.