Students who wish to receive general scholarship for the 2019 spring semester are requested to apply according to the deadline.

                                                   - Below -

1. Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in master’s course, have difficulty in financing, and have excellent academic performance.

   (Average GPA of 3.5 or above in previous semester for students currently enrolled, and semester before leave of absence for returning students - average GPA including F credits)

    ※ Please note that students who have difficulty in financing are selected first; this is not an academic excellence scholarship.

- Students who receive external scholarship which do not allow dual scholarship are not eligible.

- Students receiving assistant scholarship are eligible.

- Freshman, students enrolled in academic-industry cooperation course, students who have completed the course, and student on a leave of absence are not eligible.

2. Scholarship Amount : 1,250,000KRW (per student)

3. Required Documents

(1) General Scholarship Application Form (see attached)
(2) Personal Statement for Scholarship (see attached)
(3) Taxation Certificate or year 2018 - one for applicant,  each for parents (those married - one for applicant, one for applicant’s husband or wife)
    * If there is no taxation fact, it is written as 'No taxation fact' on the Taxation Certificate
(4) Proof of Family Relations
(5) Original Grade Transcript

4. Application Deadline: By 2019 May 8 (Wed) 17:00 / Room 305, KUBS Main Building

    ※ Please note that applications are not accepted after the application period.    
   ※ We will provide individual guidance by e-mail only to short-listed general scholarship candidates.

5. Note

- General scholarship funds are deposited into the personal account number registered in the portal system, so please confirm the account number correctly.
- Certificates of related taxation and tax payment certificates can be issued at the Residents' Center or Internet Civil Affairs 24 (

- If the document is missing, the application will be canceled.

Inquiries : KUBS Administration Office (02-3290-1365)