Application for Fall 2018 graduate teaching and research assistants is now open. Please see below for detailed instructions.

1. Application Period:
July 9, 2018 (Mon) 09:00 – July 13, 2018 (Fri) 16:00 (*Application beyond the designated deadline will not be accepted.)
2. Eligibility:
- Postgraduate students (MS/PhD/Integrated MS&PhD) at the Department of Business Administration or International Business who are enrolled full-time (Students on leave of absence are not eligible.)
- Students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the previous semester or a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 (inclusive of F grades)
- Students who completed at least 8 credit hours (equivalent to 3 courses) each semester

 Commencing students are not allowed to apply for a research assistant.

 3. How to Apply
(1) Complete the application form online (be sure to meet the deadline; applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted)

Click here to apply
(2) Please submit your supporting documents (the forms for 
- are provided below) to the Department Office of Business Administration (Room 304 at KUBS Main Building)

Letter of recommendation 
 Commencing students will be automatically assigned to Professor Jong-Ho Lee (Associate Dean) as their advisor. Once you fill out ‘Professor Jong-Ho Lee’, the Department Office will receive the signature from Professor Lee.
If you are a continuing student and your advisor is Professor Jong-Ho Lee, indicate ‘Professor Jong-Ho Lee’ on the form, and the Department Office will receive the signature from Professor Lee.
Teaching/Research Assistant Pledge Form
Confidential Pledge Form
Transcript (Print out once your academic result has been finalized)
 4 사회보험 가입자 가입내역 확인서 1 (Korean only)
 4 사회보험 정보연계센터 사이트(에서 발급
4. Notes
- Online application and the document submission must be completed during the designated period.
- For full-time positions, applicants must be unemployed or on unpaid leave (international students must hold a D-2 visa)
- A duplicated benefit is not allowed if an applicant is already on other forms of scholarship
- Your application will not be considered if the document submission has not been completed.

- The Department Office of Business Administration will be in charge of obtaining signature/stamp on the letter of recommendation from the program director. (Continuing students are also required to receive a signature/stamp from their advisor and submit it to the department office.)
- If you have further questions, please contact the relevant manager after reading the regulations attached. 

Please make the tuition payment by the payment deadline; the payment of the assistantship will be made afterward.
The selection and assignment procedure is subject to change according to the Graduate School regulations. 

 5. Duration of Work
August 23, 2018 (Thu) - February 20, 2019 (Wed)

 Please note that the work period is subject to change due to the academic schedule at KUBS.
 Committed candidates are welcome to make the application.

6. Outcome Announcement
In the second or third week of February 2018 (tentative); shortlisted applicants will be notified via email.

 Please note that results for research assistants and teaching assistants may be announced separately.
Inquiries: Ms. Jina Jeon, Department Office of Business Administration; 3290-1365 /