“We Would Like to Thank Our Colleagues Who Are Always Willing to Cooperate”
- Interview with Winners of 2018 Outstanding Staff Contribution Awards:
Assistant Manager Sung Pyo Jang, Senior Staff Yong Ki Kim  -

Celebrating Korea University’s anniversary, the List of 2018 Outstanding Contribution Awards for Administrative Staffs has been announced. Awardees from the Business School are Assistant Manager Sung Pyo Jang and Senior Staff Yong Ki Kim. We met for an interview with our proud winners.

△ Assistant Manager Sung Pyo Jang, Senior Staff Yong Ki Kim

Q. Could you briefly talk to us about yourselves, please.
Sung Pyo Jang (JANG)  |  I started my career at Korea University in March 2000. I was first appointed to Information System Development Department of the Office of Information & Computing for 16 years. Then I was appointed to the Business School in March 2016, now I am in charge of human resources of the faculty, research, 
and other undergraduate administrations.
Yong Ki Kim (KIM)  |  I started my career at Korea University in 2009 at the Office of General Affairs. Then I was appointed to the Business School last year. I am responsible for building security, hygiene, and facilities maintenance.

Q. Could you tell us how you feel about the award?
JANG  |  Very happy, thanks for asking. It means a lot to me since it is the second year after the appointment to the Business School. At the same time, I know it is not an award just for me; it is for my amazing team and all other staffs at KUBS who are always willing to cooperate. We have very talented and enthusiastic staffs at KUBS administrative offices, I would like to attribute the award to my colleagues.
KIM  |  I feel exactly the same. I didn’t know what to say. It was a nice surprise, really. I was very happy the first day I heard the news, but then it turned to heavy responsibility the day after. Like ‘the carrot and the stick’, I consider this award is ‘a carrot’ that makes me remind of ‘a stick’ to keep on a hard work.

Q. What do you think has most attributed to the award?
JANG  |  During my 2 years at the Business School, I was in charge of the evaluation of the School, renovation of Business School buildings and setting up information system of KUBS. I assume they gave credits on my performance on those. I remember I said ‘I will do my best’ on the official appointment to the Business School. And I did my best to keep the words I said. I would not be able to complete the works if it hadn’t for my colleagues. I would like to thank them again.

KIM  |  A lot of my works at Business School requires me to work individually, not as a team, which made me feel under pressure sometimes. So I tried to proceed tasks straight after I got requests. I also tried my best not to forget the issues that have been raised regarding my duties. I felt quite heavy responsibilities and sometimes I was not sure if I would be able to complete the tasks successfully, to be honest. But thanks to all the support from executive manager, assistant managers and staffs at KUBS, I was able to move on.

Q. What do you think an ideal university administration is? Could you share with us of your thoughts on administration at university?
JANG  |  Administration at universities is
 different from that of private organizations. In general, the purpose of firms is to maximize profits, but that is not necessarily the case for universities. Therefore, the role of staffs at universities is not the same as that of private organizations. I think the willingness to provide service is very important for administrative staffs at universities. After all, one of the most important duties of university staffs is to support faculty members to provide quality education to students, and students to maximize their learning experience at the university. So I think administrative staffs must be committed to best quality services to faculty and students. From small things like greeting the visitors with a smile, for example.
KIM  |  That’s a very difficult question. I think what is important for groups and organizations is to cooperate, and willing to support your colleagues. I think that’s what makes an ideal organization. You know how people say ‘people come first’; I believe caring people around you leads to the most ideal outcome for
 an organization.

Q. Do you have any last word you would like to share with administrative staffs at KUBS?
JANG  |  We have very talented staffs, enthusiastic and always put first what is best for the School. I should mention that I feel lucky to be able to work with such inspirational colleagues. I like the phrase ‘best of luck’, although I know that luck comes to those who look after it, who make the best effort. I am sure luck will come to those who keep the hard work.

KIM  |  I would like to thank my colleagues as well. At 
first, everything was new to me, which made me lost quite often. But thanks to my colleagues at KUBS I feel grateful coming to work every day. I hope we could maintain the close network and look forward to many more chances to be close to each other in the future.