[The 60th Anniversary of IBRE] An Interview with Professor Chan Su Park, the 31st Director of IBRE
“Opening up IBRE’s New Chapter by Facilitating its Research Groups”
Q. It is the 60th anniversary of Institute of Business Research Education (IBRE). Would you like to say a few words on the celebration?
First of all, I am very proud of the institute’s long history. It is Korea’s very first business research institute established by a university. IBRE has been a pioneer in many aspects. In the 1950s when the term ‘business administration’ was not even widely used, IBRE was the very first institute that carries on researches in diverse areas such as military service and government service. IBRE played a key role in the dissemination of knowledge and skills in business administration. Looking back through the history of IBRE, I feel grateful and respectful of the contribution that former IBRE members had made.

Q. Above all other tasks, what are the most memorable activities you have done?
First is the establishment of ‘research sub-groups’ at IBRE. For 40 years since its establishment in 1958, the main emphasis of IBRE had been on business research and education. Researches at IBRE were then held by sub-centers of each research area, starting from the Center for Asian Business Research in 1995. About 20 years later, IBRE then started conducting researches by sub-groups for more specialized researches. I remember meeting with professors to reach a consensus on the research groups.

Another thing is the achievement of the funding sustainability at IBRE. There had been concerns on the reduction of the fund after financing academic conferences and seminars held by each center at IBRE. However, partial support from the Graduate School of Business slowed down the speed of reduction. It is almost the end of my term at IBRE, but it is a relief that the sustainability of funding has remarkably increased. I am very hopeful that it will provide stable support for
IBRE’s better performance in the future.
Q. Do you have any comments on the improvement of IBRE’s performance in the future – where IBRE should be headed?
I think IBRE should put more emphasis on the diversification of its research
groups, so that we facilitate researches from a wide range of academic areas. To achieve that, it is fundamentally important to provide supports to professors by adopting well-organized business education programs, for example. An adequate assistance from the Institute will contribute to a better quality of research, which will later be recognized by the global rankings as well.
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