Enhance Your Career at KUBS Career Hub
KUBS Career Hub, Career Development Center

Establishing a career goal is an integral step in college life. But many students, who have not yet found their passions while preparing for the college entrance examinations, are frustrated at the lack of a system that would help them plan their college lives. Consequently, there are many students who graduate without even having drawn up a plan for their future.

To help out with this kind of problem, KUBS Career Hub is providing its students with counselling programs. Career Hub is a service unique to the business school that helps students plan for their future. Its counsels are tailored to undergraduates and MBA students including a vast range of topics such as one-on-one careers advice, career coaching, reviewing resumes, mock interviews, mentoring programs and special lectures from renowned figures.

KUBS Career Hub’s close collaboration with the Student Union Career Development Center provides various college and career counselling programs. Also, the school has been constantly developing its mentoring and career service programs so that now they provide practical benefits to our students. Above all, Career Hub boasts a well-organized system in that it understands the difference in the problems faced by undergraduate and MBA students and has therefore constructed different counsel structures for each group.
 • All-round career/employment counselling and policies involving recommendations to potential employees
KUBS Career Hub provides its undergraduates, MS and MBA students with an all-round career development counselling program. It is open to anyone including students who are unsure about their career after coming into college, and prospective graduating students who are unsure whether to work in a company, start their own company or go to graduate school. Business school students can register for an appointment via email. Furthermore, the Career Hub is operating a student recommendation system for institutions inside-and-outside of the school. The recommendation policy matches a vacant place in a company with KUBS’ suitable students. Companies involved in the program include Hyundai Heavy Industries, L’Oreal Korea, Microsoft, Deloitte, and Naver (Finance).

Aptitude and psychological tests
There are numerous psychological exams provided by the student counselling center such as “MBTI”, “MMPI-2,” “TCI,” “SCT,” “Holland Codes Career Test,” and “Comprehensive Psychological Test.” For those who have trouble adjusting to college life can use the aforementioned programs by paying a small fee to KU Student Council Center (
Receiving career advice from KU graduates
KU Career Hub provides its students in their 2nd to 4th year with a program “KU Alumni Mentoring Program.“ The event is aimed at undergraduates so that they can receive practical advice on their interested fields and career planning from their seniors.

 •CV and personal statement clinic
Students in their 3rd to 4th year who have by then started on preparing for internships and finding jobs can apply for a CV check-up session. The clinic is also available to regular graduate and MBA students. Students can send their resumes and personal statements via email ( and after preliminary proofreading, students will be contacted for further feedback.

Customized/Specialized career consulting program for MBA students
MBA candidates are normally students with more than 2 years of work experience. On average, they have 4 years of work experience. For that reason, Career Hub provides a specialized program that focuses on career development and career conversion for its MBA students.

Career Hub prepares its students for job application on the strength of its understanding of the trend and requirements of the individual students’ interested field. The center then helps its students to develop their core strengths relevant to that field.

After graduation, the students have the opportunity to immediately take managerial positions. Through its career consulting program and close association with its curriculum, teaching staff, career development center, alumni network, the school holds various events on career development and management, strengthening core assets and networking. Career Hub compiles its students’ resumes into a Resume Book which is then sent to leading companies within the company for reference.