Student Exchange Program
KUBS Has Partnerships with 117 Schools in 33 Countries
KUBS spares no effort in educating its students to become global talents. The school’s endeavor to become a global brand can be seen from the number of its international students. KUBS has studiously worked to increase the proportion of its international students. For the past 3 years the number of regular international students has increased from 100 in 2015, to 141 in 2016 and 146 in 2017. The number of exchange students also underwent a consistent growth from 159 in 2015, to 188 in 2016 and 212 in 2017.

KUBS currently upholds student exchange partnerships with 117 colleges in 33 countries. The school is constantly looking to expand its network to include more distinguished colleges and this year, KUBS signed new agreements with Peking University HSBC Business School, IE Business School and Washington University in St. Louis. There is a strong belief that KU students will be able to cultivate a more competitive global edge through working with international students.

Through its student exchange partnerships, KUBS has its own exchange program. Any business undergraduates who have a GPA over 3.0, including students on leave (but they would have to be enrolled during the exchange), are eligible to apply.

Students can transfer the credits from the courses they have taken in their exchange schools and this system has the benefit of allowing students to save time while studying abroad. But candidates must check the number of applicable schools and the period of the exchange. Students can apply to up to 5 schools but there is a limit of 3 schools in English speaking countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand) they can include on their list. Students who have already done their exchange in English speaking countries cannot reapply for the English speaking countries while those who did their exchange cannot reapply for the same country. Students are dispatched for one term. Should they wish to extend their stay, they must contact KUBS international office. However, students doing their exchange in Britain and the US may not extend their stay.

Students who wish to apply for the exchange program must not have fulfilled their graduation requirements by the time they have their exchange credits transferred. This restriction is due to KUBS’ policy on its students having to finish their last semester in KU. If students have to extend their school terms for the purpose of going on exchange, they are not eligible to apply for tuition fees reduction. Also, students who are looking to graduate early must take a minimum of 15 transferable credits during their exchange.