Global Internship Experience│Jungwoo Choi (Business '11), Internship at LG Electronics Indonesia
Global Internship Was a Grounding Experience
  •  Deciding to partake in global internship
After entering my fourth year and while I was considering my career options, I became interested in sales/marketing, chiefly for its involvement in inspiring customers that would eventually lead to the firms’ sales. As a result, I decided to apply for an internship and gain work experience in that field to judge whether or not it suits me and found myself looking through internship opportunities. I eventually came across a global internship program run by KUBS, and immediately applied after hearing that I would be doing an internship abroad. 

During my preparation, I found reading stories of students who have formerly undertaken the global internship program the most useful. I was able to contact them and find out about the department they worked in, what kind of work they did and the extent of the company’s welfare support. 
  • Life at LG Electronic Indonesia
Preparation for doing the internship in Indonesia went smoothly, thanks to the support from one of the local employees. It was easy to obtain residence – they introduced me to a boarding house near the sales office. It is possible to choose the department to work in, but choices are liable to change due to each department’s schedule. I applied for the home entertainment department which specialized in TV/ audio and set-top box.

At the outset of the internship, I discussed with the head of the department about my goals for this internship. My goals were: 1) understanding the Indonesian market 2) understanding the local sales department’s processes 3) experiencing Indonesian culture. The sojourning employees are on a very tight schedule so it is important to set up a big goal and adhere to it. To understand the Indonesian market, after consulting the local employees, I visited 10 supermarkets in downtown Jakarta to compare competitors’ products, promotion and targeted customers. I also went out to the suburbs to have a tour around the production sites. After work, I interacted with the local employees by having dinner with them and on the weekends, I visited tourist sites. At the end of the month, I finished my internship by compiling everything I have done for the past month into a report for the sojourning employees.

  • Higher level of understanding of practical affairs could lead to landing a job
One of the biggest gains from doing my internship is having increased my understanding of practical affairs. On the basis of this experience, I was able to vividly explain my motivation to apply for the firm. It also helped me to understand the work of the interviewers and elaborate on how I can contribute to the firm. I succeeded in obtaining the job. I would like to thank all the business school people and LG Electronics Indonesia employees for providing me with a rare opportunity to undertake a global internship.