Global Internship Program
A Chance to Build International Work Experience to Become a Global Leader
1. Application requirements: 3rd or 4th year undergraduates who would have one semester left after having completed their internships.
2. Internship period: Minimum period of 4 weeks during the holiday
3. Credit Transfer: Students may transfer up to 3 or 6 credits depending on the internship period.
4. Application procedure: Notifications regarding the internship programme will be uploaded on the school website at the beginning of each semester. Students should check the required documents and submit both online and a hardcopy.
5. Selection process: 
Application will be open at the beginning of the semester and candidates will undergo selection process in May for summer internships and November for winter internships.

The KUBS global internship program, which was first established in 1994, has helped students gain experiences in practical affairs by sending them into business fields to participate in various research projects. The main purpose of the program is to allow students to gain work experience and cultivate a global insight. As of 2017, a total of 1920 students had undertaken their internships in 500 companies all over the world, and a portion of these students have been offered a full time employment.

KUBS is the first to run its own global internship program in the country and has gone through a remarkable development to also become the biggest. Students can apply for 4-to-8-week internships in global companies that include domestic companies’ overseas branches, multinational companies, or firms run by KU alumni. The list of main domestic companies that are operating abroad would be Woori Bank in the US; CJ China; LG Electronics in Canada and multinational companies would have HSBC; General Electrics; Bloomberg. Recently, KUBS has extended its reach to international organizations like UNEP and UNESCO.

Any business undergraduate students who have taken more than 4 semesters in the school are eligible for the intern program. After pooling the candidates based on their GPA and foreign language abilities, they will be interviewed to assess their passion and responsibilities. Successful candidates will have to take an educational course to learn about the culture of their visiting countries. KUBS also has courses like "Contemporary Business Etiquette" and "Gender Equality" that would help students acclimatize to their internships.

Students are expected to cover all the costs related to the internship but the school does offer financial aid to students who would find it difficult to cover all the expenses. Also, students who have participated in the global internship program can transfer 3 or 6 credits as "Global Business Internship." Students who have further inquiries can find more information on the business school website or call the international office (02-3290-5361).