Interview with Korea MBA Student│Jae Woon Yoon (KMBA '17)
“In Planning Your Long-term Career, KMBA Will Definitely Boost Your Confidence”
Q. Could you tell us about yourself?
My name is Jae Woon Yoon and I am currently an employee in the finance department in Hyosung Corporation. I joined Hyosung Finance Headquarter in August, 2008 and worked in IR and accounting team. Now, I am in my second year as section chief in the fund team in which I deal with credit evaluation and financial loan related jobs.

Q. Why did you decide to do Korea MBA?
Frankly, I had a vague idea of going to graduate school ever since I joined the firm. The time when I had to diligently learn about work was now in the past and I thought it was a good time to rejuvenate my passion for life which has gradually declined and bolster my knowledge in finance. Hence, I applied for Korea MBA.

Q. Why did you choose KU Executive MBA over all the other MBA programs?
I first considered proximity to my workplace and flexibility the most important factors when considering school, but at a school fair and in various interviews I realized why KMBA was the number 1 MBA program in the country. I had the impression that they consider students their customers and briefing sessions and interviews are very student oriented. This impression continued when I attended the school festival or lectures. I am really satisfied with my choosing KMBA.

Q. Have you noticed any big changes after starting KMBA?
I think I become more focused during work because I have to go to school, too.  When I see myself as a leader after having completed my role as a manager, I think my studies would bolster my confidence in the future. Furthermore, I have plans to do a PhD and I believe that graduate level studies would be hugely helpful. Lastly, the time I spent with my colleagues and the networks I have formed accordingly have become my invaluable assets.

Q. Which KMBA curriculum helped you the most?
I found Professor Jungbien Moon’s "International Business" to be the most rewarding. Reading case studies about how multinational companies, like us, that have their subsidiaries spread through the world, consider financial, economic and political aspects when establishing a new subsidiary helped to understand my work better.

Q. What did you take from KMBA other than the courses you have taken in the core curriculum?
KU MBA runs many events around the school and the students’ union. Some of these include: orientation, workshop, Single’s Night, Family-Day, △year-end party, insight forum, club activities, career headquarter sponsored work meeting, and zodiac sign gathering. These events provide an abundant opportunity to get closer to each other.

Q. Could you give one last word of advice to prospective KMBA candidates?
I once saw Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford University. One of the most memorable quotes was "connecting the dots" which means that past experiences come together to form a line of life and it does not matter whether it is a success or not. Looking back I think my present self is a reflection of what I did in the past. Sometimes I failed, sometimes I succeeded but everything was possible because I tried. Don’t hesitate. Just do it.