[Interview with Professor Dawoon Jung of her appointment as professor in a university in China]
"I will try to accomplish visions for each phase of the doctorate course"
Alumni Dawoon Jung (Major in LSOM, Class of 2011) / Appointed as assistant professor at Soochow University of China
Q. Please breifly introduce yourself.
Good afternoon. I am Dawoon Jung (Class of 2011) and I have graduated Korea University MBA Division of LSOM last February. As of September 1 this year, I have been appointed as an assistant professor at Soochow University (蘇州大學).

Q. How did you prepare your doctoral thesis and appointment during the doctorate course?
Professor Myung Sub Park, my academic adviser, stressed the importance of preparing the thesis earlier on. Any graduate student who wants to stay in the academia will steadily prepare for their theses, so I was not an exception.
Also, professor Byung Cho Kim gave a lot of motivation. He showed visions for each phase of the doctorate course. I participated in the class of preparation for foreign Business School studies made by professor Kim, and could receive a lot of support from both Korean and foreign professors by meeting them and identifying their vision.

Q. What are some aspects that you think positively influenced your appointment?
My broad-minded personality rather helped me a lot. I spent about 6 and a half years of time to graduate the combined  master 's  and   doctorate   program after my entrance to the graduate school, and had both good days and bad ones. I think I was able to silently deal with any difficulties by thinking generously of them.
Also, I received a lot of support from professors whenever I fell behind. They led me proficiently, and I also tried hard to meet their expectations which brought good results.

Q. Do you have any concerns about livng abroad?
As mentioned previously, I don’t have major concerns about living abroad since I am a broad-minded person. Hence, I didn’t hesitate when applying for the appointment at a foreign university. Unlike most universities in Korea, foreign universities accept applications of professor appointment even for predeterminate degree recipients which gave a lucky opportunity to me.

Q. What are some future research plans?
My major is Operations Management. I am currently interested in the issue of decision making by firms after the fourth Industrial Revolution. In other words, I am focusing on the industrial trend in a changing environment of traditional competitive compositions. For now, it is hard to come with an answer regarding what business model a firm has, or who are some possible competitors. Depending on the vision of looking at the issue and situation, we can have many thoughts since we are in a period of transition. I am planning to seek new research methods by closely observing these aspects.

Q. Do you have any advice for future global savants?
Students will need to seriously consider about whether an appointment as a professor is what they truly want. Looking back, I also had hard times until my appointment at a foreign university. Since it is a lifelong decision, I recommend that students try their best when concerning so that when they move into the doctorate course, the effort becomes worthwhile.