Introducing KUBS Student Ambassadors
KUBE, Connecting All of KUBS


KUBE, a compound word of "KUBS (Korea University Business School)" and "cube," is the name of the student ambassadors of Korea University Business School. In various aspects, like a cube, the organization will be at the frontier of KUBS public relations. They are involved in planning and hosting all kinds of public events and have contributed to upholding the school’s prestige. KUBE is currently operating as a PR affiliated organization.

Other than hosting college events, KUBE partakes in various external events such as escorting public figures and donators. Within the school, the ambassadors act as connectors between undergraduates or undergraduates and alumni. But KUBE also has its own independently run events like ‘"Mentoring Program" and "Campus Tour."  

KUBE is also substantially operative online. They have their own Facebook page ( where they update numerous contents. These include the school calendar, and information on scholarship program for enrolled students. They also post interviews with alumni to help students plan their career.

Chang Ui Hong, the president of the 6th KUBE, says, "It is a privilege to have the chance to promote our school's par excellence" and "I hope many more students will become interested in KUBE because not only does it provide an opportunity for individual growth, but it acts as an important link between the alumni and the undergraduates, public figures and juniors."

Anyone who is a business school undergraduate (not including those who have business as their second major) is eligible to apply for KUBE. Once every semester, the organization newly recruits up to ten members. They give special preference to those who have good English ability or those who are apt at computing. The new members will participate in all KUBE events for a year (two consecutive semester including the holidays), and will be granted a certificate from the dean of business school. There will also be additional points for those who have successfully completed their terms should they apply for global internship and exchange program. Recruiting announcements will be uploaded on the school website at the start of each semester and those who have further inquiries may call KUBS PR office (02-3290-1688)