PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Game, A Great Chance for Global Business

While PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Game was held for a month in February, KUBS students participated in ‘Korean Hosting Team’ internship program organized by Sebang Travel (KC Tours) (Vice Chairman=Chang-Hee Oh, Business’82). Among 100 applicants, 11 students were selected through document screening and interview. We had interviews with 4 of the participants, Jeong-Hyun Kim (Business’16), Han-Byul Kim (‘14), Yoo-Jeong Lee (‘16), Yoon-Jae Lee (‘17), on their experience during this international event.

(From the left) Yoon-Jae Lee (‘17), Han-Byul Kim (‘14), Dean Soo Young Kwon, Yoo-Jeong Lee (‘16), Jeong-Hyun Kim (Business’16)
The internship program was held between 8th and 27th of February and it mainly focused on assisting international VIPs including ATPI, Netherlands and Road Trip Agency, Canada. Their main tasks were interpretation/translation protocol planning schedule consulting support.

(2nd, 3rd from the right) Han-Byul Kim (Business’14), Yoo-Jeong Lee (‘16)
Ms. Yoo-Jeong Lee (Business’16), a participant of Road Trip Agency, commented “it was a physically demanding program, to be honest. But I am glad to have such rewarding experience in a sense that that I was able to be a part of the international event, and also to support my clients’ business meetings”. Ms. Lee added, “Through the program I learned the importance of building a network. It helped me a lot pursuing my goal as a health care/medical consultant”.
PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Game Internship Participant, Yoo-Jeong Lee (‘16)

Another participant of internship at Road Trip Agency, Ms. Han-Byul Kim (Business’14) said “there has been quite a lot of concerns in Korea on this Olympic Game”. Ms. Kim continued, “However, as a participant I was very impressed by the way it was operated, with highly advanced facilities. I felt proud that the foreign press was quite happy about the operation in general as well”.

(Front row) Jeong-Hyun Kim (Business’16)
Meanwhile Ms. Jeong-Hyun Kim (Business’16) participated in ATPI Agency during the Olympics, who said it was meaningful for her to be able to engage in the global event held in South Korea. “My clients were Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) and Petro-Canada. By assisting my clients during the event, I learned that sponsorships by corporations greatly contribute to global events like the Olympics” Ms. Kim said.

(1st from the left) Yoon-Jae Lee (Business ‘17)
Likewise, Ms. Yoon-Jae Lee (Business ‘17) assisted Dutch and Canadian team at ATPI Agency. “Since it is such a rare opportunity, the Olympics held in South Korea. I was glad just being a part of the event” said Ms. Lee. “As a vice president of KUBS Global, I support overseas students’ life on campus. As an extension to that, this time I assisted visitors from overseas, introducing them to Korean culture and cuisine, which was very meaningful experience” she added.

Mr. Chang-Hee Oh (Business’ 82), who organized the internship program, is a Vice Chairman of Sebang Travel (KC Tours) and the 9th Chairman of Korea Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation.