Guidelines for New Students
Smart Tips and Advice for 2018 KUBS Commencing Students
KUBS welcomes a total of 439 students commencing their study on 2018. Here we would like to share few important tips for your study and life on campus.
1. I am on time to my lecture, but the lecture room is empty, what do I do?
Don’t panic, check if there is an update on your course via Blackboard. If you log on to Blackboard (, you will be able to find the most updated information on course materials, assessments, and group work. It is quite rare but sometimes your professor may cancel the lecture due to an unforeseeable event. So make sure to check your blackboard regularly if you don’t want to wait alone at a lecture room!
2. I am looking for a nice place to do group work, where do I go?
You are more than welcome to use student lounge and study rooms on campus. Business School has few venues that you can do your group works, such as MB Lounge. You may book the study rooms use via Portal ( If you would like to reserve study rooms at Main Library or Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall, visit library website ( Please book online at least a week earlier especially when the exam is getting close.
3. Is there a place that I can have a rest during my break?
Yes, we have student lounges that you can take a break. On level 4 KUBS Main Building we have Ladies Lounge for the Business School students, and another venue reserved for female students at Dongwon Global Leadership Hall as well. If you are a male student, you can go to level 2 of Communication Building or Aegineung Student Center on Science & Engineering Campus. If you would like to take a short break, please find couches on level 5 at LG-POSCO Building.
4. I am looking for reading resources for my assignment.
You can use our Sudang Digital Library, level 3 of LG-POSCO Building ( Start off your research from our business studies resources including a total of 20 thousand journals published across the world. You can have access to 19 databases from Sudang Digital Library as well.
5. Having trouble catching up with your major courses?
Sign up for the Business School learning assistance program TnT (Tutor & Tutee). You can get useful tips and advice from your seniors who took the course. You may register for up to 2 courses for TnT assistance. Register online for the learning support, and hand in required documents to Department Office. (More Information)
6. I need to move between buildings to attend lectures and I am in hurry. Is there a shortcut between Business buildings?
Yes, you can use shortcuts between 3 Business School buildings. There are a total of 5 shortcuts connecting LG-POSCO Building (LP), KUBS Main Building (KM) and Hyundai Motor Hall (HM). If you could keep these in mind, you will be able to get to the lecture rooms on time: LP (level) 5 and KM (level) 4 LP 6 and HM 4 KM 3 and HM 2 KM 4 and HM 3 KM 5 and HM 4
7. Would I be able to have a chance to study overseas?
Of course, you can take part in KUBS exchange student program. Work on your language skills and be prepared for your overseas experience. In addition to Korea University exchange student program, the Business School runs additional programs which you can attend to 120 universities in 33 countries across the world. You can apply for the program after completing at least 2 semesters at the University. Make an online application and submit required documents to KUBS International Office. Please keep updated with more information in January and July.