Study Abroad Experience
“I was fascinated by Austrian Culture and the flexible course structure at WU Vienna”
I spent my exchange semester at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) last Fall. I was doing a little research on which country I should visit for the exchange program, but right after I saw a picture of Vienna, I went for WU Vienna.
I took 5 courses during the semester: Touristic Service, Global Market Entry, Diversity Management, Global Branding, Tax Law; thinking that these courses are not open at Korea University. I was surprised by the way courses are designed. I had a course where the assessment components were entirely of group presentations, and the other course I had could be completed only within a month. So basically students have a lot of options to choose from, and they can manage their degree structure depending on their preference. Also for most lectures, we had about 20 students, which allows us to have discussions in between and so it was easy to socialize as well. As the semester proceeded, I became familiar with presentations and public speaking. I am able to give a presentation with a brief note. In addition, it was interesting to see various kinds of lecture venues depending on how the classes are operated. We were allocated to different venues in each class.
Moreover, I had the best time staying in the fascinating city of Vienna, which is undoubtedly the most livable city in the world. I had this routine of checking schedules for an opera or exhibition. I bought a long-term ticket valid for the semester so I could visit art galleries whenever I can. Not to mention you can take subways for 24 hours on weekends and holidays, it is a quite safe city to stay outside at night too. I also loved it when I went out for Traditional Austrian cuisine with Buddy, especially when I had the local wine. I also spent weekends in close suburbs. I especially cannot forget the moment when I went up to the top of the snowy mountain across the Alps, in Innsbruck.

Besides they have reasonable public transport systems, convenient administration in general, such as quick bank services. People were comfortable speaking English too, which was convenient as an overseas student. I don’t think there is one thing I did not like during my stay in Vienna, even though I am not local there.
People in Austria were very nice too although they seemed tight to me at first, to be honest. I got close to other participants in the exchange program too. Thanks to people I met there and friends who supported me in Korea, I will not forget my time in Vienna.

Ah-Young Yoo (Business'14)