[Undergraduate Career Story]
Min-Ju Kim (Business ‘12) at L’Oreal Korea
Min-Ju Kim (Business ‘12)  |  L’Oreal Korea

Q. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello, I am Min-ju Kim. I am majoring in Business Administration, entering class of 2012. I currently work for L’Oreal Korea.
Q. What are some major experiences during your undergraduate years that helped you start off on your career?
I participated in four internships during my undergraduate degree, searching for the type of work and the field I wanted to build a career in.
Thanks to hands-on work experience and learning by trial and error, I was able to establish my career path - marketing specialized in foreign affiliated consumer goods.
Q. What was the reason that you chose to work for L’Oreal?
Apart from my interest and experience in the field, I thought I will be a good fit for the unique culture at L’Oreal.
L’Oreal runs internship programs twice a year, and their job positions are open to those with internship experience at L’Oreal only. During the internship for a couple of months, I was able to experience real-life office culture. L’Oreal highly values an active attitude and flexibility of ideas, and I was convinced that I am a good fit for it.
Q. Could you tell us more about your job description and some of the characteristics of the corporate culture at L’Oreal?
L’Oreal offers an MT Program designed for its new employees. It is the L’Oreal’s unique program that the employees’ work for a variety of departments for the first six to 18 months. It allows them to get the idea on the overall operation of the company. The purpose of the program is for the new employees to be familiar with the company’s business models, as well as their diverse job descriptions. The program is also a great start to build a network with other employees, so I think the MT program is one of the key aspects that represent the overall corporate culture at L’Oreal.

I am building experience on a variety of tasks as a part of the MT Program. Currently I am in charge of digital marketing and PR of the new and improved La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] launch in the IMC+ E-Commerce team of the Hospital and Pharmacy Business Division. It is very rewarding when I read the target consumers’ positive reviews on our products, after the online advertisement I was responsible for.

I think the corporate culture is quite horizontal, which I am highly satisfied and grateful that even though I am a junior at the office I am allowed to make a decision and lead my own projects. It is quite nice that I get used to different types of job descriptions within the short period of time, which is very rewarding in terms of my personal development as well.
Q. Could you share your tips on how you prepared for the job applications?
I had my English resume and cover letter edited by my seniors, professors, as well as KUBS Career Hub. I went over them multiple times to make sure that they are clear and precise.

As regards interviews, I kept reminding myself that “I am just having a conversation – I am interviewing the interviewer!” to take it easy. I tried to make sure that I emphasized some of the keywords during the interview so I can make an articulate speech.

If you are interested in applying for a job in the cosmetics industry, I recommend that you must articulate your ideas in ways in which you can demonstrate your interest in the industry.