[“First step as a global leader” The 112th Commencement Ceremony]

The 112th annual commencement ceremony for both undergraduate and graduate school students was held on Monday, February 25th at the Inchon Memorial Hall. The event was attended by faculty members from KUBS, including dean Jae Wook Kim and former president Yoon-dae Euh. Graduates of KUBS, the main characters of the ceremony, filled the Inchon Memorial Hall with their graduate caps and gowns. For the 2018 school year, there are a total of 917 graduates of undergraduate master’s and doctorate degrees Korea MBA (K-MBA) Executive MBA (E-MBA) △S³ Asia MBA (A-MBA) Global MBA (G-MBA).

"I sincerely congratulate you on your graduation from a difficult course," dean Jae Wook Kim said in his graduation speech. "Today's commencement ceremony is a glorious moment for you to take the first step as a global leader toward a more wonderful future. I hope that each of you will fulfill your social responsibilities and become a leader who will not stop developing."

Next came former president Yoon-dae Euh's graduation speech. "I'm sure that the road ahead for today's graduating students will be full of roses," Euh said. "I hope you always have the pride of being a KUBS graduate."

The ceremony was followed by Distinguished Alumni Awards. The President’s Award was given to Da-sol Sohn (Undergraduate) Mi-kyung Lee (K-MBA). The Dean’s Award went to Woo-kyung Shin (K-MBA) Ah-reum Han (E-MBA) Gupta Aashna (A-MBA). Then the corresponding degrees were given to all graduates by dean Jae Wook Kim himself. The event was followed by a celebration in which graduates threw their graduation caps in the air and sang a school anthem together.

There are 508 undergraduate students, 55 master's degrees students, 13 doctorate degrees students, 189 K-MBA, 53 E-MBA, 16 A-MBA and seven G-MBA students this year.