[A Year’s Fruition, Completion Ceremony for the 102nd Management Studies Program (MSP)]

On February 18 2019, Korea University MBA (Director=Jae Wook Kim) Management Studies Program (MSP) Completion Ceremony was held at 4pm, in LG-POSCO Building SUPEX Hall. At the ceremony, Dean Jae Wook Kim, a Director of the Korea University MBA, MSP President Hong Mae Kim and other honored guests participated to celebrate the 41 completed candidates.

At the opening, Director Jae Wook Kim addressed “Considering that South Korea’s business environment was not in a good mood due to the several obstacles in last year, I would like to congratulate all of our successes”, “I can certainly state that the MSP graduation will become a supportive milestone for you all, and it will develop your relationships between other graduates. It will be highly appreciated if everyone here keeps in touch with Korea MBA going forward.”

President Hong Mae Kim continued the congratulatory speech, saying “Every graduate would have spent hard time during the course since they have been working hard on their personal businesses and studying at night time. I would like to congratulate with saying thank you for all families of 102nd MSP graduates for giving an infinite support.”

President of 102nd MSP Graduates, Chan Sup Jeong commented “This graduation is not the end, but a new beginning, so I will keep developing the concrete relationship with other graduates and will also actively support for the group reunion. In addition, I would like to mention a special thanks to Professor Hyoung Koo Moon and Director Jae Wook Kim”
After the speeches, every graduate came up to the front podium to receive their certificates, and they had a group photo time. Then the Awards were given to the graduates who have shown an exemplary performance during the 1-year term MSP. 7 Awards went to 25 winners: Director’s Award Contribution Award Special Award Attendance Award Best Practice Award Effort Award Passion Award.
After the Award Ceremony, 102nd MSP President Chan Sup Jeong delivered the MSP membership fee to MSP President Hong Mae Kim, and celebrated together by waving the group flag. Finally, all graduates threw up their academic caps into the sky and the ceremony ended in a great success.