'8th KUBS Mentoring Day for teenagers' successfully held
'8th KUBS Mentoring Day for teenagers' was successfully held on January 26 (Sat). This event was held by Korea University Student Ambassador (KUBE) along with 10 other KUBS students participating as mentors. Approximately 120 high school sophomores who want to enter Korea University Business School attended this event. Joonghyuk Kim KUBS Vice Dean welcomed them by saying, "Be KUBS student for this one day and enjoy every infrastructure provided by KUBS".

This event commenced by KUBE introducting seven majors in Business School and KUBS campus life, providing high school students who are newly exposed to 'What Business Administration is.' Professor Jaehwan Kim also helped them easily understand about 'Business Administration' in the eye to eye level of high school students. Meanwhile, KUBS campus tour was held which definitely improved the awareness and image of KUBS towards high school students.  

During 'Business Practical Exercise Session' students made a presentation about 'Elaborating maintainable business strategy by using survival inequation'. Students participated with seriousness, puting themselves in a position of a CEO. Min-Ju Bong from  Hanyang High School Attached To the College of Education said that after all these beneficial lectures and exercises, I am interested in the division of marketing. She continued that she will practice more about marketing by selecting 'marketing' as her topic for school project.

After the exercise, group mentoring was followed. During the mentoring many questions like studying method, scores regarding university admission, and universty life were asked. Ga-Yoon Kim (Business 18) who attended as student mentor said, 'It was demanding for me to prepare for this mentoring day but it was very meaningful to see mentees being proactive and enthusiastic. If there is another chance in the future, I would like to participate again." Meanwhile Min-Sang Yoo, high school student from Sorae High School said, "My mentor told me stories that are very realistic about university life which made me think KUBS more attractive."
Attendees wrote rolling paper to each other in the end of the day. Vice Dean Joonghyuk Kim said, "I think great connection between KUBS students and high school students is made through this mentoring day. I hope students here can enter KUBS after two years and hope we can meet up then."

KUBS Mentoring Day is held twice every year during summer break and winter break targeting high school sophomores. One can apply through KUBS web site during separate application period.