Advanced Management Program (AMP) 86th Generation Course Completion Ceremony 

Korea University Business School Advanced Management Program (hereinbelow AMP) 86th generation course completion ceremony was held on February 11 (Mon) in  LG-POSCO Building SUPEX HALL. In this ceremony, KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee, President of AMP Alumni Association Moon-Chan Kim, KUBS Area Chair SangYong Kim, Professor SeungYeon Oh, other honored guests and 47 students who completed the course attended. 

For the first step, KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee read congratulatory message on behalf of KUBS Dean Jae Wook Kim. Vice President DongWon Lee said, "I sincerely congratulate our 86th generation students who successfully finished AMP. After this graduation, please keep in mind that you are from Korea University AMP and be proud of it. Also, I encourage you to keep in touch with Alma Mater as responsible member of Korea University Business School Alumni." 

As next step President of AMP Alumni Association Moon-Chan Kim congratulated AMP graduates. He said that he hopes graduates to maintain their love towards Alma Mater after the graduation and support Alumni Association as well. 

President of AMP 86th generation Alumni association Young ho Kim's gratification speech followed. He said, "With well-organized education curriculum and diverse experiences, last six month will be remembered as best memory ever since. It was an opportunity to meet various different people and could gather our goals to be responsible Business Manager. We give the credit to all professors who helped us and to our seniors."

KUBS Vice President DongWon Lee handed in graduation certificate to the student representative which was followed by awarding ceremony to graduates. Young-ho Kim, who participated most actively in Alumni Association was awarded President award, and other nine alumnis received achievement award, while other seven alumnis received an exemplary award. 


Meanwhile, students who actively and sincerely participated in the program were awarded summa cum laude and cum laude. And for the special prize, Award for prerequisite learning, Award for Industry experience, Award for actively participating, and Best Friendship Award were given. 

After Moon Chan Kim President of AMP Alumni Association handed in certification of merit to President Young ho Kim and Secretary General Jeong Wan Hong, enrollment fee & contribution award delivery ceremony was held. As 86th generation AMP alumni association donated 10 million KRW to school, all of the graduates threw their graduation cap to the sky and the event was successfully finished.

Korea University AMP has produced 4,652 graduates until now for past 43 years, and after the graduation, many alumnis actively participate in school works,  increasing the AMP reputation.