[On-Campus Orientation, welcoming time for Executive MBA 17th generation]

Korea University Graduate School of Business Administration (Dean = Jae Wok Kim) Executive MBA (hereinbelow E-MBA) On-Campus Orientation was held at LG-POSCO Building 531 on 16th February (Sat). Following the two-day Off-Campus Orientation held in Incheon from February 8th to 9th, this On-Campus Orientation provided practical and essential information for school life to freshmen members, and special lectures were also held to build background knowledge on business administration. Area Chair Weon Sang Yoo, Area Chair Jae Uk Chun, and 51 E-MBA 17th generation freshmen participated in the orientation.

As the first speaker, Area Chair Weon Sang Yoo introduced KUBS to freshmen members. Professor Yoo said, “KUBS if the first and best business university in Korea”, and added, “As KUBS is leading the nation’s best curriculum by introducing advanced systems in the forefront, please study hard with pride.”

Following Professor Yoo, gender equality education was held by Jung Min Noh, chief of Korea University Gender Equality Center. Noh explained, “Gender equality education being held in the first orientation for freshmen shows the importance of gender quality issues”, and proceeded the lecture in the order of △sexual self-determination △meaning of gender sensitivity △ countermeasures and prevention guide.

In the afternoon, Professor Wooseok Choi gave a lecture about basics of accounting for freshmen members beginning their studies in business. Eonsoo Kim also gave a lecture about the overview of Module 1 Strategic Business. 2019 Executive MBA On-Campus Orientation successfully ended by 17th freshmen members electing the student council autonomically.

The E-MBA program was launched in 2003 to produce creative global CEOs for higher officials of
corporations. Through 2 years of curriculum, students can acquire business knowledge and
refinement while forming network with current CEOs and executive alumni.