The Ceremony for Completion of the 8th KUBE & Commencement of the 9th KUBE

Korea University Business School (Dean = Jae Wok Kim) Student Ambassador KUBE (hereinbelow ‘KUBE’) held the ceremony for completion of 8th KUBE and commencement of 10th KUBE on April 8th (Mon) in LG-POSCO Building 301. A total of 22 attended the ceremony, including Jae Wook Kim, Dean of KUBS, Joong Hyuk Kim, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Baeho Kim, Associate Dean for Research, staffs from the KUBS Public Relations Office, and 17 KUBE members.

The event was hosted by the president of 9th KUBE, Yoo Jung Lee (Business’16), and vice president Suk Hyun Gong (Business’18). The event commenced with a brief overview of KUBE’s objective of elevating the internal and external status of KUBS through organizing various events and reporting official events. Then they briefly introduced the key activities they had in Fall 2018 such as ‘The 8 th KUBS Teen Mentoring Day’. The hosts then introduced their main tasks on Spring 2019 including protocol events support, online and offline publications, and other social events for KUBS students and alumni.

Jae Wook Kim, Dean of KUBS said, “We are grateful to the 8th KUBE members’ contribution for the past year and are expecting a lot from newly selected 10th KUBE members”, and added, “I wish all of you do your best to promote the pride of KUBS by thoroughly studying the history and future of our school.” Joong Hyuk Kim, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs said, “Student Ambassadors represent our school”, and added, “We will actively support KUBE’s activities.” Baeho Kim, Associate Dean for Research, finally said, “I want to thank your for every KUBE members. I will also try my best to help and support KUBE.”

The ceremony for the completion of the 8th KUBE who finished their participation for one year, the appointment and scholarship ceremony of the newly selected 10th students, and the scholarship ceremony for the 9th students to continue their activity for this semester was held. KUBS has recognized the merit and hard work of the Student Ambassador and decided to provide a new scholarship to KUBE members from Spring semester, 2019.

KUBS Student Ambassador program, KUBE, first commenced in 2013 and revised on June 2015. The main tasks of KUBE are KUBS Campus Visit and Teen Gathering Day  Teen Mentoring Day  KUBS SNS event planning.