E-MBA Orientation successfully held, A welcoming time for 17th generation

The Executive MBA (hereinbelow E-MBA) Orientation was held at Incheon Nest Hotel from February 8th (Fri) to 9th (Sat). Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean Dongwon Lee, Area Chair Weon Sang Yoo, Area Chair Jae Uk Chun, Alumni Chairman Seunghyun Lee, and 51 E-MBA 17th generation freshmen participated in the orientation. Students of E-MBA 16th generation also participated in the event.

Each 17th freshmen members were given 3minutes of speech time to creatively introduce themselves. They revealed their ambitions as the E-MBA freshmen and a member of their affiliation. Students of E-MBA 16th generation passed on their greetings with some advice that can be helpful to their academic life.

In the evening event, a dinner party was prepared for E-MBA alumni and freshmen to get along with each other. Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim said, “I believe today’s orientation is an event to feel the spirit of Korea University and E-MBA with our heart and bodies” and “It is a good opportunity to enjoy your entrance to Korea University and feel a sense of true thrill”. He also added “I hope today’s event acts as a chance to begin your journey of E-MBA with great purpose”.

Alumni Chairman Seunghyun Lee said, “You will become one of the alumni from a prestigious school who have both intelligence and ambition” and added “I hope you fully enjoy this event prepared by students of E-MBA 16th generation”. He also said, “Please continue on the great tradition of E-MBA by becoming the most cohesive generation.

During the dinner time, there was a welcoming celebration performance prepared by students of E-MBA 16th generation. Freshmen students finished the schedule by taking a group photo and having positive expectations of their new start.

The E-MBA program was launched in 2003 to produce creative global CEOs for higher officials of corporations. Through 2 years of curriculum, students can acquire business knowledge and refinement while forming network with current CEOs and executive alumni.