[KUBS Professor Dong-One Kim donates 10 million won for KUBS students]

KUBS Professor Dong-One Kim, donated 10 million won to KUBS Dream Scholarship.

The donation ceremony was held at the KUBS Dean’s Office on Tuesday, February 26 at 4:30 pm. Jae Wook Kim, Dean of Korea University Business school, Joong Hyuk Kim, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and Baeho Kim, Associate Dean for Research attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony had the following order of events: deed of covenant △certificate of contribution △plaque of appreciation △group photo △ confabulation.
Professor Dong-One Kim said a few words on his donation by stating, "I am delighted to do something for KUBS and students. I would also like to thank you for preparing this ceremony. My daughter who got married recently is also an alumni of KUBS(Business ’06), and she also feels very happy to make a donation with me.
Jae Wook Kim, Dean of KUBS showed his gratitude by saying, "Everyone at KUBS acknowledges your hard work for the development of KUBS when you were the Dean”, and continued, “I would like to learn from your affection towards KUBS students."
Professor Dong-One Kim has served as Dean of KUBS and Associate Dean for MBA programs from November 2014 to October 2016 and is currently the 17th President of the International Labor and Employment Relations Association, sharing international knowledge on the field of industrial relations and leading academic progress. In addition, he is continuing this lecture and working hard to cultivate talented people.