[Orientation for the 2019 Foreign Exchange Student Program: Hope Everyone has a Chance to Feel Pride as a KU Student]

The Orientation (OT) for the foreign exchange student program of the first semester of 2019 was held at 4 P.M. on February 28th at LG-POSCO Building's Ahn Young Il Hall and Coukoo Hall. Eighty-three foreign exchange students along with Kim Jae Wook, Dean of Korea University Business School (KUBS), attended the event.
The event began with a meeting between 62 foreign exchange students and undergraduates of KUBS. Students talked to each other about their school and country, exchanging information. "The reason why you came to Korea University will all be different, but I hope everyone achieves what they want," said Kim Jae Wook, Dean of KUBS, in his congratulatory speech. "It is our own unique identity that Korea University is most proud of. I hope all of you will feel proud as a KU student, and each build human assets," he said in a welcoming speech.

The exchange students were presented with an introduction of KUBS and stories about general school life. In his statement, Jerry Blake Blevins (University of Kentucky), the representative of the exchange students, said "I'm happy and excited to study together KUBS with everyone" and added, "I hope we can be friends who can help and depend on each other whenever we have difficulties.” He also stated, "When there is an event, I want to enjoy it together and leave a lot of good memories.”

Meanwhile, a total of 94 foreign exchange students are studying at KUBS in the first semester of 2019, with 81 undergraduate students, 10 graduate schools and three MBA students. They come from 42 schools in 18 countries, including 15 from Singapore, 15 from France and 18 from the United States.